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y'know?... i just KNEW the millisecond after releasing that post there'd be trouble... how rude of me to refer to that bejeweled vortex of ley lines as kingly... good goddess!!

profuse apologies (along with a big sigh)...

plus... i adore owls!!... even grew up with billie goats (but i won't pitch no tent)... i'm a running water kind of guy and i worship hot water

but yeah... still "own" - won't sell it

hey... i need to share this... last weekend i went and hung out over at oliver hardy's tiny little grave a few blocks from where i live... to my delight there was a penny placed on his marker... any idea as to what that might mean?
(drop what ball?)

so... i'm thinking of that flintstone drive-in as a backdrop for some austere production of the triadische ballet?

gonna "revisit" first week of april during a crazy triangulation involving taos, abiquiu and santa fe...

like i said it's been decades and i'm biting at the bit...

naked ones WILL be kennelled

awww I am sorry not to see the naked baby dogs (are they also devotees of S'tan?)
I hope you will look me up, I am sending my
phone # ending in 666 to scare off the born-agins.

My pond is presently surrounded by a bloodie ICE-FLOE, the water keeps surging out and over what's frozen. I'm hoping the fish are making it.

I suffered 8 inches of snowfall Mon. & Tues.
Though happily hunkered down with enough food and all, one of my friends had to come and get me, to drive me to vote for Obama in the primary... he won New Mexico! Yay.

Then the phone died (again.) I can't wait for my satellite-piggy-back to happen, but anyone who gets on the roof this week may be blown off in the gales.

eh, the 3rd world follies. Must go get more wood and chop kindling. At the least the sun is brilliant today!
for the past couple weeks i've glanced at the forecasts and is it NOT the donner pass there?

not sure i'm too excited about trudging through snowcones in a few... i'm craving dry... not WET!

thanks for the 666 but alas i've not a cell phone... won't have one EVER... the ill-mannered glamour of a chatty culture repels me and i simply will not participate... i yearn the days when phones were big and heavy and anchored to walls

so how 'bout instead i HONK from atop my hill (fittingly tobacco road?)
West o' west, I think you are here now and I'm home today and Tues., and will be in for Wed. evening... You could not use your cellphone up here anyhow unless you had Verizon. Can you hear me now...

Look for the satellite "Wild Blue" truck, they are coming to install today. I may at last be able to click on the YouTube links and look at pictures on the m'boards before a half an hour is out. Huzzah. Though I'm not complaining. I lived here for 8 years without any telephone
except a 3-watt bag phone @ about $300. a month.

Now the whole thing is going wireless!
My telephone dies every night around 8 PM and goes back on at 8:30 AM. Good for the literary concentrations, bad for me should local gangsters come up to "borrow" my car...

The apricot trees are in blossom, withstanding the 50 MPH winds somehow. Binky, Pearl and Beauregarde stay in the house, even the mice stay in their hutches away from the crazy spring blowout. Then May comes with the lilacs and the cottonwoods, and all the black iris should be

Love from the Styx,
Just one gigantic bolt last night, seven, possibly zinging from the m'boards party, along with dime-sized HAILSTONES for about ten minutes. So much for the apricot blossoms.

West o'west and entourage arrived on the mesa! Relieving my most constant solitude... we enjoyed a few walks, gossip about Shirleyville, plans for arson (to rid ourselves of the hideous Colorado-style log cabin that he swears is right in his backyard)... plans for the End-time how big should the greenhouse be?
Gasoline at $4. definite though Brown Paul says get ready for $8, $9. a gallon and then we will be so back to horse-and-buggy.
Already see the locals walking on the roads up here and also using bicycles.

Well you lose some and you gain some. With a satellite connexion why would we need to go even to Santa Fe more than once a month? Or once a season. As long as I can get cybercash via or other less wholesome sites...

Chopped off all my hair right now I am hot tamale red, look like Miranda in SITC
but I am hoping to grow out my natural platinum.

Latest obsession: SWEENEY TODD
who doesn't love that libretto?
Not to mention the hair and makeup.
Wonder if "S'tan Junior" thought to sue Helen Bonham Carter for copyright infringement.
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hmm... left 35 degrees and landed into 95 plus... it's blowing like a hot devil here on the pacific rim... like a fever attempting to rid the breeders once and for all (but of course it will fail)... and it's only just spring

the "mesa" was disheartening... this sludge of human error has alas seeped into every goddamned crack it can... my pretty pink hill has been violated... my ashen garden of stones corrupted of all their zen

perhaps having lived there as you have s'tan you acclimate to the trickle... but when you've been away as i it's rather shattering

oh... well...

on to the positive...

you were about the prettiest thing to behold on that land... and holding court with your mysterious high tea was splendid and i thank you... i LOVE your new haircut... i felt as tho i'd shared a cocktail with the "correct" elegance of vermeer's "girl with a red hat"... it was a fond snowy afternoon

adios muchacha !!

Do not despair. That house was not meant to be. It has no water... Just pray for fire... lightning strike preferred.

Thank you for the compliment! You can post that pic you sent me here....

Favorite Rio Grande Sun police blotter for the week:

Fri. March 28, 5:49 AM
A Calle Chamisa caller said a man was drunk and hollering and kicking down doors. Police arrived and determined the man was not drunk, just a little crazy and heartbroken.
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When you read that blotter, there are so many mistakes made by the cops, lost people never found etc. so many weird drunks you do get the feeling the local cops are just kind of helpless.

Well I'm not getting the big big $$ from the "Bible Comedy" ... the cineastes however are quite rampant. One hotdog crew was down by the Shirleyville Gate - they stopped her caretaker and told him he'd have to wait half an hour to get through. not.

The original meaning of a Marquis was the rather feral aristocrat who patrolled the frontiers. I've always loved that...
The Shirlvillians confirmed yeah I definitely own a big chunk of the county road.
So be nice Wink

Pray for fire fire fire!!!!!
Ver' ver' short like a boy and ver' ver' red but soon to be white I asked Westie to post it. I think this short hair is actually helping my neck pains!

Right now I am in a snow-cloud can't see a thing beyond the edge o'cliff. The electricity will soon be down, but I'm going into Santa Fe to work tonight, with new DVDs of 'L Word" and "Sopranos'. It's a toss-up which series I am crazier about. Probably the latter. Though I was disappointed gay Vito got beaten to death - Mr. Chase might have thought of a more enlightened ending to that story...

You ask how it can be bloodie snowing in April, I discovered recently that Colorado gets MOST of its snowfall in March and April, hence our problem up here, near the border.
It's probably sunny in Santa Fe.
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Thank you for posting Westie!
Yes Bobby - I'll look lovely in my coffin.
We're having a bubonic plague scare, and the Health Dept. is coming around to check local houses. I had to clean up my shed and other hidey-holes, just awful!!! The cats are relegated to the house.

I channeled Swedenborg and the toilets of hell to get through it all the last 2 days. Some kind of blasted dung karma tailing me. POOP!
Blondinski, I know, I know! My mother used to do me a pixie and I always hated it. She must have been behind the latest 'Irma La Douce' manifestation.

Plague, hanta virus, glories of nature and the underling hells... Swedenborg's Hells on Earth...

"When, therefore, a spirit of his own accord and from his freedom drifts towards his hell and enters it, he is received at first in a friendly manner, which makes him believe that he has come among friends. But this continues for a few hours only. In the meanwhile he is explored in respect to his astuteness and consequent ability; and when this has been done they begin to infest him, and this by various methods, and with gradually greater severity and vehemence.

"This is accomplished by introducing him more interiorly and deeply into hell; for the more interior and deeper the hell the more malignant are the spirits. After these infestations they begin to treat him cruelly by punishments, and this goes on until he is reduced to the condition of a slave."

I also recommend Strindberg's "My Life" for a full-on manifestation of the presence of the hells upon earth.
No Daddy I didn't is it on 26th Street? I think I once looked into it but it was kind of churchy. I prefer to read the crazy text raw...

Well I am out of plague-flea hell... after cleaning up piles of mouse-crap like a Swedenborgian slave from an abandoned shed, egad now I get to wonder about Hanta Virus too. But like that silly puppy on TV I can be singing,
"There ain't no fleas on me, there ain't no fleas on me!"
the Health Dept. ladies came and went... they
were looking for plague-fleas, sticking their
big Q-tips in all the holes on my land! Hew.

There were very brown and green and proper. They weren't interested in killing the mice or rats.
After all they have the right to live here probably more than I do.
Though there have been 10 cases of
plague-fleas biting cats here in Fingernails in the last few years.

To add to my Against-Nature attitude today I went to the PO and some joker had posted a bunch of gorgeous photos of rotting flesh... to warn us folks about the brown recluse spider.

Still I'm not ready to start earning $80K in NYC to get me one a them $2,000. shoeboxes you kiddies live outa.
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Happy Beltane/ Walpurgisnacht you children of the Damned...
Got a new kitten from my funky new neighbor John at the base of the mesa. Despite his ramshackle trailer he is an artist and very nice. That makes 4 pussies now.
So I'm even less likely to travel.

Kitten is white with a black spot on his head and some black markings on his back that are sort of skeletal... Walpurrrgis? I am going to call him JACKIE.

Binky, Pearl and Beauregarde flipped out over kitten but there is no escape, everyone has to stay inside today, including the new lilac tree, because we have
winds @ 50 MPH. So bloodie awful!!!

On Mon. I got my entire Whipshack out of Brown Paul's, because of gossip
and indiscretion on his part... He is in St. Bart's right now, and can you believe it when
I went there with rent-a-truck to get the famous 'stage' and etc., there
were like 15 people just wandering through his house! His 2 'caretakers,' hippie & Mexican pot-heads respectively, weren't even there! Talk
about uncool.
So all these 'folk' just sat and watched me drag all the lumber out of the
house without helping me at all!! To appease my ire I swiped a Rene Ricard painting I sold to the Brown One years ago when I was broke.

As I was packing up to leave, I watched one of the stoners drive his '64 Ford truck past Paul's SUV, scraping a nice long gash into the side of it. Ha ha. Kill the rich.
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