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I am delighted by all the parts of our history that have begun to emerge on YouTube. For veterans like us, its always great to see those parties that are all (ahem) a blur, and shows so legendary but lost.

Ive started this topic to post links to YouTube videos covering the 20th century.

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See the YouTube topic in Wired World for more information.
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Besides DEAN JOHNSON many downtown artists worked on this song Downtown by Petula Clark Many artists performed incl: Kym Rider, Tish & Snooky, Jerry Harrison, Sara Lee, Rupaul, Lisa Edelstein, Stephen Saban, Bobby Miller, Lahoma Van Zandt, Mink DeVille, Uptown Horns, Bernie Worell, Larry Rivers and Beth B and the clips' Director Hart Perry gave footage and you'll spot others. This video was posted over in the Dean Johnson topic in The Versailles Room, and I thought I'd boot it in here.

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