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God, I don't even know where to start.

Moscow is out of control.
I'm sure there are millions of people eating nothing but potatoes and cockroaches but I didn't see them.
All I saw was bling.
The Russians have SO MUCH MONEY! (I guess oil money)
They have Billionares like we have Millionares.
(Yes, Billions not Millions).
And they LOVE to throw it around.
They make NBA players look like Old Money New England W.A.S.P. Families.

It's the most corrupt, lawless, Gangster, truly Insane place I have ever seen.

Everybody is trying to take over each others companies of course but unlike here where it is done in a courtroom or boardroom or bedroom...
they do it by blowing each other's brains out.
So when the Russians roll, they do it in 5 matching Bentleys. The boss in the middle with a car in front, back and on each side with guns speeding down the street.
Everybody has armed body guards.
It's wild.
It's like I imagine Chicago was like.


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