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Oh how the mighty do fall..........
He's been locked up for the past month in a mental institution i hear....

Eighties singer Adam Ant admitted at the Old Bailey that he threatened pub customers after he was taunted over his "cowboy" clothes.

The 47-year-old Ant, appearing under his real name, Stuart Goddard, , admitted a single charge of affray and was remanded on bail until October 2 for sentence.

Three other charges of criminal damage, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and possession of an imitation firearm are to be dropped by the prosecution.

The affray charge arose from an incident at the Prince of Wales pub in Kentish Town, north London on January 12 this year. The singer had turned up with a starting pistol after drinkers at the pub made fun of his "cowboy" appearance.

They started humming the theme from the spaghetti western The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, when he walked in wearing a combat jacket and matching flat cap, the court was told.

Goddard, now bespectacled and balding, appeared more soberly dressed for court today. He wore a black Fedora hat and tightly fitting diagonally pinstriped suit.
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Oh how we love Mr. Ant. Of course the whole fight was all over fashion. You think he would have just retorted. "The way you look you're qualified for next year's old-age pension."

He's the only concert that I ever got thrown out of... (long story)

I wonder if the judge said:

"Mr/Madam Forman could you please 'Stand and Deliver' the verdict."

Hey what about me? I'm a washed-up-80's-icon too you know! I was the opening act for WHAM! And yes, the rumors about me and Jason from Dead or Alive are TRUE! (I believe Anna Nicole may have even been a fly-on-the-wall @ Jackie one night).
And as for Billy...
He's a freak but not into boys.
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Adam Ant Sentenced for Pistol Threat

By The Associated Press

LONDON (AP) -- A judge said '80s pop idol Adam Ant suffered a "temporary episode" of mental illness when he threatened pub customers with a fake pistol, and sentenced him Wednesday to a year's community service and rehabilitation treatment.

Justice Jeremy Roberts also ordered Ant to pay $780 in compensation to a man who needed three stitches after being hit in the head by a car alternator that Ant flung through the window of the Prince of Wales pub in January.
You "opened up" Wham? I thought those girls were already spread WIDE open!

Maybe Billy just experimented in his youth. That novel/movie is supposed to be autobiographical.

From the Web:
(b. 1954) Half-Pakistani British novelist, screenwriter, and essayist and a paragon of the modern multicultural intellectual. Kureishi made his mark with the pair of screenplays he wrote for director Stephen Frears: My Beautiful Launderette (1985) and Sammy and Rosie Get Laid (1987). Before Launderette, Kureishi wrote plays for fringe theaters, augmenting his income by writing pornography.His 1991 film London Kills Me dealt with homelessness and drugs in the country he once described as "an intolerant, racist, homophobic, narrow-minded, authoritarian rat hole." Raised on rock 'n' roll, he attended school with the future Billy Idol, on whom Kureishi based rock star Charlie Hero in his satirical1991 novel The Buddha of Suburbia (adapted as a multipart BBC miniseries the following year).
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i just saw that adam's recent descent into mental illness is all the attention adam got & feel this must be remedied. (oh right, he's obnoxious & cute too. like i said.)

adam took my 11-year-old, boring, suntan-parlors-&-gift-shops suburban world (yes i was raised on LI) & turned it upside down with one viewing of "stand & deliver!" a pretty boy in makeup with pistols & tall leather boots?! GIVE ME MORE!! my teenage self yelled: antmusic for sexpeople, indeed.

he's the reason i discovered joe orton, kenneth anger, "dr. strangelove," marc bolan/trex, & dirk bogarde. i am eternally grateful.

he also gave me a lyric that armored me through all of jr high & high school - "ridicule is nothing to be scared of" - & an entire musical education as well, from burundi to zydeco. his unapologetic glam in the middle of punk rock's nihilism showed that style was not lost - just angry.

& for the record: his '86 album "vive le rock" is a fucking thesis on masculinity.

i hope adam is getting the care he needs (mental illness runs in his family, who are by descent romany gypsy & so were hugely decimated/traumatized by the nazis) & that in some way or another, he'll find some kind of peace.

the best thing about a horrid family trip to berlin in the early 80s was the return to the states with my adam and the ants album among other things (skinny leather ties, dyed denim vest, fingerless gloves, etc)...i loved all these men who pranced about painted & dressed to kill, and he was definitely one who inspired me (boy being the other) that expressing yourself sartorially was possible outside of the oppressing suburban drearniness of DC...

it seems life events happen to everyone, but the tragedies for those who live(d) in the spotlight have their's just more public/publicized- and we are all the more fasincated to watch, especially those who were part of our growing up.
randella, you're entirely right: it just becomes so sad when the 'drama' of the famous person is misunderstood & mocked. numerous friends & family called me when the news of adam's stuff was reported (like they used to when he was going to be on tv), but with this gleeful kind of "your hero's not so perfect after all"

your description of the goodies from berlin awoke that fetishy new record thing in me: the joy of getting the albums (ants & otherwise), of examining liner notes & tiny little collages of pictures - oh the joy! the delicate handling of the vinyl so as not to smudge or scratch... it still makes me undeniably happy to play a much-played record & see where i carefully taped it up where it fell apart!

& lex: your description of adam rocks, & wow yes those days were fantastic. i've always loved androgynous boys, either because of adam or not i don't know (that's a chicken & egg type thing). daniel ash, marc almond, boy, robert smith - those pretty boys were all up on my walls, but adam, well he had the goods like no-one else, such a fiercely sexual masculine energy & such foppish good looks = ideal boy.

my girly husband i suppose is the one who should be most thankful to adam! wink when he's all made up before the dress & wig goes on i am ga-ga... to me there is no equal to a boy in makeup, waist cinch, high boots & precious little else!
Betty, I love that you still play your records...I do too, and have all the vinyl of my youth still (and a generous donation from Daddy that I am still sorting through). Somewhere in the mid 90s, I took this 19 yr old boy home from the Now bar (it was a long time ago if that is where I met him as I have not been there in years)...and he said to me once in my apartment "wow, you're old, you have records," like my apartment was some museum. Well, if the album fits in the sleeve...and I chose to overlook and gloss over the youth's comment.

You are right about the fetishy aspect of a new record. I don't get the same thrill from opening a CD as I did from an new album. I remember how cool I felt when a friend's older brother taught me to open the plastic wrapping with friction by rubbing it against your jeans and voila! and the album just slid right out ready to be played. I am from the generation that loved the double album cover for its multi-functional purpose, not just for more glamorous pictures, but you could use it to sift out seeds get the idea.
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arrgghhh have you any idea how much jizz i spilled over Adam Ant? LOL God that boy was beautiful.
The last i heard of Toyah, she was very briefly collaborating with Girlschool in the 90's under a band named called Strange Girls. I have tons of gig pictures of Girlschool performing with Toyah on vocals around London if any Toyah fan wants em..
ahhhh no Toyah!! LOL
As for Girlschool, i actually know them personally quite well..they just released a brand new CD called "21st Anniversary: Not That Innocent" with the four original band members (though two songs are with the new guitarist Jackie Chambers). They are still going strong believe it or not!
I run their Official Website (though it's down right now until i get some more time to work on it)..
The new album KICK ASS though! They still know how to rock, even into their 40s.

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