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I am a big Adam Joseph fan.
Not only is he a cutie pie but he is the most talented singer songwriter producer I've seen come along since...
well Cardona.

It was fun watching him at "Night Of A Thousand Stevies" this year. A lot of the Stevie crowd did not know him. When he was introduced there was polite applause. I was standing with Paige Powell and Andre Balazs, I said to them, "You are watching the birth of a star. When he finishes this song I guarantee the room will be a wreck".
It was.
Of course Adam has been a star in the NY gay world for a while but seeing him do "Landslide" to a crowd that didn't really know him was fun.
He now has 1,000 more loyal fans and I'm sure will be a NOTS fixture for years.

He has been a downtown ray of hope for a few years now but I'm sad to report that Adam Joseph has been discovered by French supernova Bob Sinclar.
Adam is recording vocals and writing on a number of tracks AND being featured on the Disco cover "The Way I Feel".
It's over.
Adam is going to be a big star.
The world will know what we know.
I just hope he remembers us little people.
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