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So too, this discussion of the suicide of Alexander McQueen last week becomes a topic. This news affected many of the same way as a NYC club death, as we remember him out and about at so many 90s clubs, including our own Jackie 60.

I remember the first time I saw him in the Versailles room at Jackie, wearing a kilt and blending in so completely that he had to be pointed out, to me at least.
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Alexander McQueen was found
dead in his home from an
apparent suicide.
His runway shows were always amazing.

This is such a shocker. I don't really pay much attention to the fashion world, but his looks and imagination have always ruled supreme. What a loss.


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Such a loss. He was a million-in-one designer. Makes you wonder if fame and fortune are enough in this world. RIP legend.
What makes me saddest is to think of the anguished space he (or anyone who commits suicide) was in that final hour, or hours, before he did it...and then finally deciding to go through with it. What went through his head? His last thoughts? Does a person feel him/herself slipping away and feel or realize they have made a huge irreversible mistake? I don't that documentary about people who jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, one person who jumped (and miraculously survived) said he instantly regretted it as he went down and that everything that lead him to jump suddenly seemed so small and surmountable. Every case is different I suppose. RIP.

"Didn't you think you were worth anything?
See what you lost when you left this world, this sweet old world
Didn't you think anyone loved you?"
-Sweet Old World
I read somewhere that he had lost his mom the week before and was devastated by that. It's kinda beautiful in a way. I mean, whatever pain or anguish he felt is done with. It's sad for us that we won't get to witness his art anymore.
He was brilliant in the real sense of the word. You may think his designs were all imagination but he was really very intellectual and said it all came down to two very formal things, cut and proportion. If you look at the photo Goblin posted its right there. So he was really technical in his designs.
When your mother dies you are no longer anyone's child. Maybe he just felt free to go himself. But I think to do it by hanging, there had to be some emotional turmoil there.

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