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Thursday, April 14, 2011
09:00 PM to 04:00 AM
REBEL NYC 251 West 30th Street between 7th & 8th

$15 in proper attire, $30 in sharp all black
Fetish, Creatively dressed, Wrestling masks and tights, burner beautiful, leather, latex, uniforms

Always room for JELLO! IMPACT-Jello-wrestling night-April 14th@ Rebel

Back by overwhelming popular demand we are proud to announce April 14 will be JELLO Wrestling night at REBEL! For those that missed it the first time you’re certainly in for a treat (a non fattening and vegan approved treat!) this is guaranteed to be hilarious and entertaining. Due to the popularity of the last one we are holding it at Rebel so as to have more space for spectators.

Remember however, our usual IMPACT fun will still be in effect with equipment and a more chill room for play and chat. So if your tastes don’t run to jello wrestling you can still get you fetish freak on.

Please be aware that due to popularity it’s possible that not everyone will get to wrestle.

Wanna wrestle? Learn how to participate, rules of the event and to toss your tights into the ring click here (You must be a fetlife member)

Special thanks to youngscientist who worked so hard the last time to make it so much fun (and who stupidly volunteered again.)

Now accepting applications for Ring Girl/Boy/Person (you know the hottie that walks around the ring with a big sign that says what round it is), to apply please contact Mike B. directly! Applicants must express a willingness/desire/commitment to do “anything” to get the job. (Be sure to include dirty pics of yourself and explain in great detail the “anything” you are willing to do )

Please note: “Jello” is registered trademark of some big jello making company, no actual Jellos will be hurt in the production of this event. Though there is a strong possibility that youngscientist will !

This is going to be a great time, hope to see you all there!

From the creators and co producers of SUSPENSION, {XCESS and THE ULTIMATE AFTER PARTY Las Vegas comes....
...a new level in sophisticated fetish play.
Deliver impact, make an impression, bruise the night in your telltale shape. Select a target. Take aim. Collide. Feel the reverberation as flesh meets flesh, mind meets mind. A molecular disturbance. Electrical currents pulsate through your tissue, down into your bones. Power transferred...a new conception. You will be remembered. You will not soon forget. Tonight leave your mark.
Let us know you will be joining us. Doing so is important so be certain to claim your attendance today.
Special guest DJ TBA
Hot space decked out in stunning rich colors, elegant seating, upscale bar and a back room surprise.

For all the up todate info on what the Tribe is doing and our various event check out our webpage and join our mailing list.


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