Although nowadays an advocate of clean living and a teetotaler meself, I can't help but have a soft spot for those messy, tatted up tough girls who 'keeps it real' so to speak. Amy Winehouse is one of the most genuine soul singers I've heard in a long time, with none of the histrionic vocal stylings found in every Mariah Carey wannabe out there in pop music these days. Her offstage antics make Britney look like Laura Ingalls Wilder, but all of that aside, the girl can sing.

Anyone listening to her? Here's her video "Rehab" on Youtube.
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I worship at her temple. I agree, there is no one today more real and geniune than Amy Winehouse though I was dissapointed to see her lipsinking on the Jay Leno Show. But I can't stop listening to her, that's for sure.
I love that song.
I love when she sings

Cause there's nothing,
there's nothing you can teach me
That I can't learn from Mr. Hathaway
Yes, I liked that line too and thought of our own Ms. Hathaway.

I also really love 'Back to Black' which is very Phil Spector. Her beehive and eyeliner are very Ronnie Spector, aren't they? I have to confess I don't know a lot about Spector and his 'wall of sound' other than his work with the Ramones and as the crazy guy on trial with the crazy hair. Watching some of those Youtube interviews with Amy Winehouse, though, she references the Crystals song "He Hit Me and It Felt Like A Kiss" (Co-Written by Carole King(?!) and arranged by Spector) so its safe to say he is probably an influence. Amy likes the song and says that even though most people would find it offensive because it is about domestic violence, she understands it completely. She has certainly earned her 'blues chops' at a young age, that's for sure.
I do love her cracked out image and voice and devil may care bravado.... but am sort of a wee bit worried as to how contrived she might be... I see and read all these reports and ole pics of her as this Page 3 bimbette JEP (Jewish English Princess). And now I see her cracked out an tatted out.... its all a wee bit Peaches Geldof rebellion against her good life perhaps... I still like her.
Amy before and after... who is the REAL one


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I think experimenting with your look is a pretty typical thing to do in your early 20s, she is only 23. She does look ghastly in the street pic, its sad that she is bordering on anorexic now. She does have a major talent and I would rather see her than a cookie cutter Britney look-a-like any day, contrived or no. All of that persona shit in the end is contrived, there are few who come to a look these days that isn't derivative of someone. To me the bottom line is about the music and there is a video of her holding her own on stage with Paul Weller which to me says it all.
I already said how much I love her voice and singing style but if I have to choose between the two images..I choose the fleshy mama with the big tata's and those curvy hips. Her bony anorexic self scares me.
Obviously becoming famous doesn't agree with her physical health.

A female Dr. Faustus?

British musicstars have that mutation thing down from Johnny Rotten to Annie Lenox.
She really is a fierce talent who was dangerously close to having her affinity for booze eclipse that talent but she sort of reined it in a tad (sans rehab). The hair these days is so major.
Maybe I need to get famous then instead of all this wasting time in the gym, lark.
Although, better not loose boobage as then I might loose Bobby!
Eh Luvies. What's with all this mush 'ere in me room. And what you mean Seven about me fame?
Fame agrees just fine with me luv. And who's this Messy Bonnie Raitt I here tell about? She looks like a fun slag to me.
As much as i love Amy, of late she kind of scares me, she assaulted two men on one of her recent rampages and is now under arrest. It seems her crazed behavior gets more media play then her music...i love demented Amy but give us a song!
She's one of the top 100 richest pop stars, worth over 20 million. She'll just buy her way out of all her troubles now.
Well you know, its pretty hard to smoke up 20 million in crack. Just ask Messy Bonnie Raitt, I think she only got as far as $200.
Hi Messsy Angela Lansbury.
Can I just say how much I admire your work?
"Murder She Wrote" is one of the best written TV shows ever.
And the acting is always first rate.
Hattie and I have seen every episode.
What will author J.B. Fletcher get into next?
I'll bet she'll be giving a lecture in a small New England town and what do you know?
There's a murder!
She'll make friends with the local police detective and with a little help from some goofy sidekick, will solve the case.
Yes Daddy,

Murder abounds when Messy Angela Lansbury is around!

That should be my signature, I'll have to ask one of my goofy sidekick/D-list character-actor-types how to make that my signature. This interweb can be so confusing for a lady of my age and demeanor. I'm from the typewriter age darling but it is getting so difficult to find carbon paper and replacement ribbons these days that I have been forced to go electronic.

I'm glad that I still have some fans. ever since that bitch Messy Jane Tennison hit the scene with her cell phones and text messaging.

Well at least, I have made it this far, unlike that horrible hag Messy Miss Marple who is from the telegraph era.

Do tell Hattie that I said hello. Could you please find out if she still has that mimeograph machine and her micro-fiche reader? She was always on top of the latest in innovations in secretarial technology.
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Why wasn't she under investigation as a suspected serial killer? I mean, she goes shopping, someone gets killed, she takes a cruise, someone gets killed, she visits relatives, someone gets killed. She has coincidentally been present for about 20 murders a year for many years. That seems awfully fishy to me.
You are right Missy. Just what is the population of Cabot's Cove anyway-- a million? I mean all those murders and the town still has inhabitants?
The population of Cabot's Cove is 147. It was much larger at one time, but the murder rate here is off the charts for a small secluded village in Maine. You should come visit sometime, Miss Understood . . .
What the fuck are you going on about when my sweet Blake is still in the Charing Cross Gael?
Angela fucking Lansbury is an old hag. I am the future. Hey Tatum, come on over to London, we got great crack here.
What is up with her? She needs to be called Messy Amy, maybe Messy Courtney Winehouse? Still, love her insane antics in the face of all her...what, youth? And she called Kanye a cunt, in front of Jay-Z, gotta luv her and assaulted someone in the audience. Is she punk or a sixties diva?

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