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That night I was a good boy and stayed in because I knew Saturday was gonna be big and since I'm a geezer compared to these kids I needs my sleep.

Saturday was the "big" event at this indoor stadium not much smaller than Madison Square Garden it seemed. Peter Rauhoffer was headlining so I was real curious to hear him play for these faggots. Some NYC style was sort of needed. And since the week before when we dressed up as sailors for Love Ball all the boys wanted to do costumes again. (I created a monster!) Jakob, who loves dresing up came up with a simple yet effective idea of army costumes. Saturday we trolled the army/navy stores for costumes and props and came out looking like this...


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So we sauntered into the event around 2am and it was packed on the floor with gigantic led screens onstage and full rave laser show. Those silly green lasers like from the video for Relax have made a fierce comeback and I have to say they look really good. And it's not just the drugs...I think. Ultra Nate performed but in some kind of fucked up logic they put her on FIRST, followed by 2 mediocre acts. The second performer apparently thought that if she just screamed into the mic it meant she was soulful. But because her remake of this crap song "I Need A Miracle" is the song of summer people went crazy. I sat that one out. After what seemed like an insufferably long show Peter came on fiercely. The crowd was going absolutely bezerk. We all looked at each other like, "Oh shit this is gonna be a good night." Now I've only heard him dj before at Gary 49 a year ago so that's all I have to go on. I loved what he played then but I knew this would be different cause the venue was slightly bigger. But the second half of his set things turned and he kind of lost the crowd. I don't know if he went TOO New York on them or what but the energy just sort of dropped. But no matter everyone stayed till the very end and as the lights came on the faint beginning of "Aint Nobody" spilled from the speakers and I had a fierce last dance with my boys.

The big weekend afterhours club here is called Souvenir and is about 30 minutes outside of town. Buses were chartered to take everyone there but I opted for home. 7:30am I staggered into my flat for a little puff puff puff time and then off to bed. Tonight Offer Nissim is playing the closing party but I'm definitely skipping that. Think it will just be me and Tom Spanbauer's "Now Is The Hour". My ears need a break. Adios for now!
Hola guapos! I know it's been a while since I posted but 2 things have happened. 1, I left my camera in the dressing room at Razz last week and 2, I'm sick. But let me back it up and fill you in...

So last week, Thursday to be exact, Cut Copy were in town to play a dj set at Razz. Cut Copy is this fierce band from Australia. You may have heard thier tracks: Hearts On Fire, Lights & Music, and numerous cool remixes including one they did of Never Forget Tonight by Fleetwood Mac (really gorge mommy!). So me keyan, reuben, and jared abbott (member that lil hustler that used to hang around the Park and Cock- like a mini gant johnson) who was visiting from Madrid all decided to go. Well, we proceeded to get completely off our faces and dance for 3 and a half hours to this fabtastic disco/nu-disco set by Cut Copy. I don't think the bpm's went above 120. I was in heaven! They even busted out the original extended mix of "I Want Your Love" by Chic but brought it in halfway through the track during the breakdown. I only mention this because Daddy that is a "trick" you taught me. I was living. Afterwards we all went to Keyan's for a chill out and ended up watching Party Monster which i had never seen. Interesting. Made me homesick in a way. Natasha Leonne as Brooke was my fave. I was howling. Went home at 11am. Been a while since TAHT happened.

Friday evening woke up and realized I was supposed to go back to Razz because Tasty Tim was in town playing. So did everything I could to make myself look halfway human and headed back over to Razz. It was great to see Tasty and we had a nice catchup in the dressing room but I got so drunk I left my stupid camera there and still don't know if anyone found it. Urgh!

Sunday a group of us went to Sitges which is this small beach town located 30 minutes outside of Barcelona. It's overrun with gays during the summer. The beach is better than Barcelona because you can actually walk out pretty far and the waves are decent for body surfing. YES, I bodysurf! What?!?!?

Unfortunately I caught a cold that seems to be circulating among all the putis here so it's been a real quiet week. Tomorrow is Keyan's birthday so I'm sure I'll wind up dead somewhere on Sunday. Oh well. Will write more and hopefully have pics to post on Monday...XO
I was walking Casanova by Sammy Jo's house last night and as he was pissing on the side of Sammy Jo's building, right before he chased a big rat into the doorway, I noticed that Sammy's building is a Fallout shelter.
What the hell does that mean in 2008?
Are there really cans of beans stacked up in a little concrete bunker in Sammy's basement?
Is that where we should all run when the big one hits?
Sounds like a party.

I imagine you must be getting pretty homesick for your apt. Pickles.
Who needs a terrace in Barcelona when you live above a fallout shelter in New York!


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God, I guess it's time to dust off this topic. I had stopped posting when I lost my camera because I figgered people liked the pics to go along with the babble. I can't fill in all the blanks just yet as I'm shattered from a late night and an early flight combo. But promise to give the goods on Moscow, parents visit, Ruth and Steven's visit, Austria, the scent dj, and Paris. Lemme catch a few zzzz's and I'll be back with more....X

PS First you're in my booth, then you're on my block, and now you want in on my shelter? What is this, Married Brown Female?

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