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Just read this in billboard magazine:

Antony & the Johnsons have won the 2005 Nationwide Mercury Prize, the "album of the year" award for British and Irish acts. Antony's Rough Trade/Secretly Canadian set "I Am a Bird Now" was named the winner at a ceremony held tonight (Sept. 6) at London's Grosvenor House Hotel.

While accepting the award, Chichester, England-born frontman Antony Hegarty told the audience, "I thought they must have made a mistake." He described the event as a "crazy contest" and suggested it was like comparing an "orange and a spaceship and a potted plant and a spoon."

Congrats to Antony!
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Well Antony WAS wearing a longish shaggy black wig with a bobbie-pin stuck in the side of it and a fabulous T shirt with a picture of Page on the front. Of course there could be a comparison made to Tiny Tim but Antony has a much greater voice. Also Antony appears to have gained a considerable amount of weight which on TV made him look enormous. But all-in-all he is a rare great talent and it's so about time that he got his due of recognition.And The Johnsons are so normal and clean cut looking that they just disappear next to Antony.
I disagree about the band disapearing next to him. In fact in concert they are typically better dressed than he is. My only criticism of his show is the lack of stunning and dramatic diva gowns. Unless you're a hard rock band, T-shirts and sneakers as stagewear for a debut at Carnegie Hall or a national TV appearance just doesn't cut it for me, even if it is Page. He's so freaky looking anyway .... why not play it to the hilt? That's what being onstage is all about IMHO.

That said, I'm completely thrilled for him (and them). Refreshing to see such genuine artistry get its reward. I'm a fan.
This from The NME

Antony And The Johnsons joined by surprise guest

Boy George makes a public appearance in London

Antony & the Johnsons were joined onstage last night (December 5) by Boy George.

The former Culture Club singer came on to duet with Antony on 'You Are My Sister' during the show at the London Shepherd's Bush Empire.

After the song, Antony Hegarty presented Geroge with a bouqet of flowers. George thanked the audience for supporting Hegarty, who he said had "one of the most beautiful voices in the world". He emotionally added to Antony, "You are my sister."

The setlist included 'Hope There's Someone', 'Fistful of Love' and a cover version of Leonard Cohen's 'The Guests'.

Antony And The Johnsons will play the same venue again tonight.


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