The Tall Lonesome Pines were a country-style act, consisting of Marek from the Fleshtones and George Gilmour.
My fondest memory of AREA.. was when I was working on the BIG-ASS tree (over by the Japanese pagoda) for GARDEN theme.. I was one of many artists brought in to help with the themes. Anyway, Darius came up to me that day and told me I was moving a little too SLOW.. made me follow him to the office.. I thought I was in deep shit.. Instead.. he laid out a foot-long line of coke.. I snorted about half of it.. and he told me to get back to work.. I kid you not.. true story.
Hello, i am doing the research on the artists who frequented Area for my topic "the art and the party". Does someone have the pictures of these art works: David Hockney flew in to do the pool. Michael Heizer put his meteorites on the dance floor. Warhol did T-shirts and an invisible sculpture. Keith Haring painted something on the dance floor. Barbara Kruger painted something on a wall. Basquiat, Alex Katz, Jenny Holzer and Tom Wesselmann all did windows. Larry Rivers did a great sculpture of two guys having sex.
Or do you know the books which could give me helps?
Well, I happen to know that Franceso Clemente Tattoo'd the DJ as his art piece.
(I also know that it hurt like hell!_

It's still on my arm.
Yeah.. that's somethin' I've been wonderin' about too.. My friend (Christian) that also worked there, was an in-house photog.. He had SHITLOADS of pics from the installations.. Alas.. I've lost touch with him.. Dadd-ay, don't you have any others that you would like to share?.. (other than me having to fly to NY to see your arm, that is)

I'm doing research on Robert Downey Jr. and I know he was a performer at Area (briefly). I was wondering if anyone could remember him there, or remember anything about his days hanging out on the New York club scene in the Eighties?
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Teri Toye, oh Teri Toye, there's not a girl who's scarier. But Teri Toye, oh Teri Toye, can you get me into Area?

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