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Great Opening @ Arena on Saturday, with a high density of Motherboarders.
Details below, pics to follow.

Arena Studios presents
Manifesto: Group Art Show and Performance Space.

Featuring: (In Alphabetical Order) Rainbow Blight,
Adrian Buckmaster, Ninos Chammo, L. Croskey (LA)
Lainie Dalby, Soigne Deluxe, Mark Demaio, Gregory De La Haba,
Hoop, Kenny Kenny, Jo Lance, Kristy Leibowitz, Eli Livingston,
Don MacDonald, Muffinhead, Ms. Pac-Mondrian, Orion (LA), Juliette Pelletier,
Anton Perich, Trina Rose, Lucien Samaha, Kenny Scharf, Tabboo, John Toth

Featured Installation: Darrell Thorne and Rob Roth

Opening Reception Saturday, May 9th 7-10PM. The show runs through May 31st at Arena Studios, 407 Broome St, Suite 7A.
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