tonight's sat midnight show

cancellations because of rain mean you can come see the show for the rush $20 ticket price and sit in the Thierry Mugler seat

plus we are doing an audio recording of the show
tonight so the Goddess will be selling it to the hilt!!!

sat sept 21st midnight show

the empress of large miss flotilla debarge will be hosting and spinning in the hERE cafe before our late show

free cocktails and revelery

rush tix are $20...

last weeks midnight show was recorded to an ecstatic audience...the super gorgeous cd will be released at hERE in two weeks
(for joey's birthday)

come on down! 145 6th ave..entrance round the corner on dominic


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That picture is GORGEOUS!

Can't wait to see you on Showy's birthday..much love and thanks again for TURNING it at Low Life City.
anytime and anything for you and daddy, empress.
what a gorgeous day that was!

flotilla just informed me that she WILL be shaving her back AND knuckles for tonights hosting duties

Maki..i hope you come tonight!
Gorgeous photo!!! And to see this in person is breath taking... sigh...
Basil, I was there last Sunday! The show was ama----zing of course, and I also liked the great diversity of audience dressed in fetish, glam, etc... Oh' I bought Joey's vinyl!!! Can't wait for the CD... I was waiting to hear about it Smile
Tonite show... so--- tempting... Roll Eyes
the foto is by steven mendendez and we shot the twelve different numbers for the show for a 2009 calender...this image is september...all his pictures are I N C R E D I B L E

tonight was fun! flotilla is the bestest... sending the crowd downstairs as the house opened with "Move!" from the original Dreamgirls
but more importantly..

tonight another fab midnight show of Arias with a Twist

come see the show for $20

pre show party starts at and free cocktails and this week miss Lavinia Co-op as our dymnamic hostess

here is another awesome steven menendez foto from the upcoming calender



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Performances by Sherry Vine, Raven-O, Epiphany, Porche, and Basil Twist

party starts at 10 pm
at hERE arts center 145 sixth ave


(cd cover by the amazing scott ewalt)
Can't wait to see everyone tonight!

AND, a gorgey picture from "Arias With A Twist" at LOW LIFE CITY...Photo by Mark Tusk


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Originally posted by bobby:
Happy Birthday Joey. Just don't light that many candles, the place could go up in flames.

"Red Devil" Birthday cake had legs as well! jester


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Happy Birthday Goddess!!! Gorgeous Bash, my love. Simply Divoon! You looked as ravishing last night as you did in 19...oh, never mind. I can still taste that cake.
I saw the midnight show Saturday night and was completely enchanted. Basil's art is astounding. Joey is fabulous, but Mr Twist's visuals are nothing less than sublime. I was so happy to have finally seen it.
saturdays at midnight

come early and enjoy the show with our pre show hostess
the Empress of Large Miss Flotilla Debarge

music, give aways and free cocktails

Flo starts at 10 pm just before the early show gets out, and the last few weeks have been great sexy fun audiences with familiar faces

buy ahead at
or call 212 352 3101
or show up and do the super bargin $20 rush seats


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sat midnight show..once again...
come celebrate the season with our hostess flotilla debarge

music, giveaways, and free cocktails starting at 10pm

the midnight shows have been so fun, sexy, raucus
...the only way to experience the mistress of darkness MIss Joey Arias

$20 dollar rush seats will get you an excellent seat tomorrow night


we are moving on..making a film..touring to paris and Los angeles..taking a break

final performance in NYC (for the forseeable future) will be new years eve dec 31st

the show is selling out so plan ahead
or come get one of the 10 rush tickets available every night
The inside dish:
Joey Arias never returned from Las Vegas. She's actually holed away in an undisclosed rehab facility near Reno. The star of the show is a hyper-realistic puppet designed by mad producer Basil Twist to cover for Arias until she gets well. If you look closely you can spot the strings! The real giveaway is the waistline. No human being can corset like that!
there are only 8 shows left!!!!!

they are basically sold out but there are 10 rush seats for every night and i will squeeze in standing room, ceiling room, lying on the floor room..

shows are at 8pm. (not 9 as they had been)
fri 8pm
sat 8pm and 11pm
sun 5pm and 8pm
mon 8pm
tues 9pm
wed 8pm

at the hERE arts center 145 6th ave

and thats it!!! what a total joy this has been
Sold out of course!

Huge bravos and bravas to you, Showy, Barbara and your amazing krewe for this latest fantasia - It made 2008 so much brighter.

Thanks for squeezing us in on the 30th and we'll see you then ~

rose rose rose rose rose rose rose rose rose rose rose rose
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wow. Wow. WOW! This tops our list of most entertaining performances EVER.

We were blown away by the show last night, each scene was better than the last.

Of course we we LOVED the over-the-top visuals, Joey's voice, the music, the costumes, and puppets... But it was the writing; the more subtle, quick jokes that had us laughing until our stomachs hurt.

At the end Joey said they hoped everyone left inspired. We left positively catalyzed


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