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The absolutely original Arthur Weinstein joined the Endless Night yesterday, July 9. We had some of the most genius and unforgettable times of our life with this man and in his clubs - The Jefferson, The Continental and The World.

We will NEVER see your like again, Art.

More information and a memorial on Steve Lewis' blog

Good Night Mr. Lewis on Arthur Weinstein
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Good Night Mr. Lewis: Arthur Weinstein Roast and Toast
By Steve Lewis
September 29, 2008

One of the largest gatherings of Clubdom Royalty and Dinosaurs paid their respects to the memory of Arthur Weinstein in a tribute on Greg Brier's fabulous Highbar roof. It rained all day, but Greg, citing all sorts of meteorological sources (like the Farmer's Almanac and NY1) guaranteed sunshine for the 5PM ceremony.

I had the honor of MCing the event, which meant keeping the speakers from getting too teary-eyed or longwinded. Jen Gatien spoke of respect and sound advice. Peter Frank remembered buying two nightclubs from Arthur and finding out Art actually owned only one of them. Stanley Bard spoke of Art's photos and artwork, which to this day cover some of the storied walls of the Chelsea Hotel where Arthur lived for many years. I spoke to Stanley, and we agreed we had almost the same job back when I ran clubs.

We had this...obligation...for lack of a better word to take care of the artists, actors, singers and dancers trying to make it in NYC...

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