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A fave getaway for the 'wife' and me is the sumptuous Borgata hotel just 2 hours away in Atlantic City. It is by far the best destination there and puts all AC's other casino/hotels to shame. Soaring ceilings, Dale Chauilily chandeliers, ultra-modern appointments and every amenity you can imagine at your fingertips ... a private world totally removed from all reality or responsibility. It's all about feeding our Id with endless drinking, gambling, sucking, fucking, snorting, spa treatments, buffet gorging, shopping, and more of the same.

I find the crowd at the other AC casinos to be either blue-haired old ladies with bags of coins, burned out drunks and crackheads altercating with bouncers. The Borgata however has a crowd that is very "upscale trash", i.e. guidos and their Carmela Soprano-girlfriends from Philly and Jersey partying with some Manhattanites and New Yorkers thrown in the mix and other high-roller types from L.A. and Florida. The tackiness of it appeals to me on some perverse level, also there are usually good frat boy eye candy treats to peruse, though in terms of quantity it doesn't compare to Vegas.

At some point I always indulge at the hotel's maxi-luxurious spa with a full-body massage, facial, reflexology and mani-pedi. This has become a mandatory part of the trip for me. Afterwards I lounge in the hot tub or steam room, then perhaps a swim in the giant pool located in the atrium. When it's done I feel like a million bucks and a new person.

The main draw of course are the games ... I love blackjack and roulette and usually play for hours. Naturally there are no clocks or windows in the casino so one never knows what time of day it is. Eventually I'd like to try poker as well. The wife enjoys craps but I find it a little too intimidating with the skyrocket pace and the high energy mob mentality of the crowd. Still though I can appreciae the comradery that it builds. Usually we crawl back to our room at 3 a.m. or so, order an extra bottle of wine or champagne from room service before crashing.

In the morning we visit the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet to indulge in some serious Chastity Bono-style face stuffing. (two weeks of Dextrim pill-popping to follow upon returning home for waistline recovery)

The rest of Atlantic City is a strange place. At one end of town is the Boardwalk overlooking the beach and ocean with most of the major casinos lined up alongside each other. Bally's, Caeser's Palace, the Taj Mahal, the Sands, etc. At the other end of town is the Marina where the Borgata, Trump Marina and Harrah's are located. Everything in between is pretty much blocks and blocks of inner city shantys and decaying 3-story housing projects. The main thoroughfares contain lots of fast food, dive bars and pawn shops. I noticed two or three blocks of beautiful apartment buildings and private houses, an attempt by someone at some kind of new gentrification development. Otherwise it's classic urban blight all the way. This time we availed ourselves of some of the outlet stores and picked up a few gorge items at Calvin Klein. In warmer months the wife enjoys strolling the Boardwalk, but in the winter I love just staying at the Borgata the whole time and never leaving, wallowing and enjoying *oink*oink*oink*
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I love this topic/post! I love A.C. as my runaway place... whenever I have had a glorious row with someone or just having a major breakdown I 'run' to A.C. on one of those cheapo Academy buses. When I split with the last hubby i walked out the door st8 to Port Authority onto a bus where I met a young boy who was the doppelganger of Tyson Male model, such kismet! I find AC always a sad place but full of possiblities, its a great place to get lost... to reinvent et al. I love the Borgata as a hotel even better is walking out of the faux-italian faux-splendor of the Borgata and getting one of those real odd school bus type shuttles down to the boardwalk, love those shuttles always a great David Lynchian characters on there (would love to make a doc about the people on that bus in one night).
My only complaint about the Borgata is the club there (COULD be sooo good, amazing sound/lights system ...but tis lame).. and the fact that none of the rooms have bath tubs! The other thing (like no clocks) which makes it all an odd place is that its IMPOSSIBLE to get a phone signal in that casino no matter what phone carrier u have!!
Am sooo jealous Lex that you had such a lil jaunt ...
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That is on purpose, hon. No clocks, no windows, no cell phone reception .... they want you to lose yourself in their abyss of pleasure until they've milked you dry for every last penny!

A tub in the hotel rooms would be nice I agree, but the sheer size of those showers and bathrooms make up for it. They are HUGE ... Bigger than the entire square footage of some Manhattan apartments I've seen (and lived in). The showers alone are about the size of one of my old bedrooms!

THE SPA ... there's Lex, sprawled out on the massage table like the frog you dissected in high school biology class while some guido masseur kneads my flesh until I sail away into transcendental bliss.

The bathrooms off the main casino floor even have stalls that are private rooms. So perfect for that extra *jolt* of energy you may need to imbibe before another round of blackjack.

And the jitneys! They are a kick, those rinky-dink tiny buses that have no shock absorbers and bounce the shit out of you while you ride around surveying the urban wasteland. The characters on board those things are very David Lynch-ian indeed, think the Baron Harkonnen from Dune. I'd love to take a jitney at night just to see the infamous AC hookers plying their trade.

This past time we got there from NYC via the cheap-o Academy bus. A decidedly downscale traveling experience but such a deal .... it's only $29 roundtrip and they give you back 3/4 of that in slot vouchers for the Sands. So much cheaper than renting a car, which is what we've done in the past. And just as fast.

As of yet I've never seen a big live show there but if the developers have their way I suppose that's next. Do they have boxing matches as well???? I love AC! *oink*oink*oink
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A WEEKEND OF PLEASURE ..... at the Borgata

Just coming down to earth from another blissful couple of days at our home away from home, the Borgata in AC. My full-body massage and facial were so deliriously good this time .... it was like being stoned on the mother of all opium trips. After trying other masseurs on my last two trips, I've returned to my early favorite Sam, whose hands are truly magical. My facialist Tara however also recommended Giovanni and Miguel ... I'll have to sample their goods when I return in September for my birthday.

Time to starve for a bit or pop a few laxatives after one too many visits to the all-you-can-eat buffet!

Blackjack was not as kind to me this time, but the dealers were groovy and the tables we sat at were fun. I've become so unaccustomed to seeing people smoke indoors that a shock wave goes through me when someone just whips out a fag and lights up! I support it though, and nobody blew it in my face anyway.

Once we arrived in town we took the Jitney to the Borgata. Some smacked out ghetto princess had her foot stuck way out in the aisle and would not move it as we struggled to step over her with our bags and get to the only two empty seats on the damn mini-bus. She snarls out the window to nobody in particular, "every body steppin' on my goddamn foot" and I thought "well bitch if you'd take yo' goddamn foot out of the fuckin' aisle nobody'd be steppin' on yo' triflin' cracked out ho ass." I love AC!
The blackjack tables were kind to me this trip. Also me and the wife had a great time at baccarat.

The Borgata has a whole new section that was not open the last time I was there. New restaurants, including a steakhouse that was divine and a Wolfgang Puck place that had the most scrumptous pumpkin ravioli.

For my massage I tried Miguel this time. Hot boy with a nice touch but not enough muscle in it. Will have to nail the illusive Giovanni in March.

AC is about to go totally non-smoking. The city decided not to give the casinos a special pass. Virtually every dealer I had and his/her pit boss were VERY gung-ho on the idea.
What happened to the wild make up wearing Lexy I once knew. U guys have settled into 'domestic suburbia' please post something tawdry FAST otherwise I will think you've been stepford wived. Holiday cruises and A.C. trips.... you are on the road to coupon clipping and a second home in the Pocanos... I think you passed your fag baton to me!
Quick post something dirty FAST!

PS The Borgata is a nice hotel I have to admit! Like the comfy beds there but hate that none of the rooms have baths!
Stepforded? At least I know how to make my own fun! Beats endless bitching and moaning about NYC as far as I'm concerned.

Point taken nonetheless. It seems my salicious tales of the past have spawned a few monsters. Did I mention the wonderful blow I snorted and the guidage that gave me a handjob in the sauna after my massage? Better?
Cmon now Anna, don't begrudge Lex a comfort level. We don't want her to get too burnt now. The girl has to pace herself. She's got a long way to go and we don't want her to be all broken down by 40! To truly savor some pleasures one must slow down a little bit -or what's a lap dance for? And as bitches go AC is, like, Carmen Electra compared to Vegas' Cleopatra.
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We headed off for an overnighter at our fave just-out-of-town getaway, the Borgata, to see Cyndi Lauper's True Colors tour. Also on the bill was Erasure and Debbie Harry (strangely billed as Blondie but it was just her and her own band). All three acts were GREAT. Cyndi can still hit the notes like on her records, even for "When you were mine". Margaret Cho was the MC. DH did a lot of new material from her upcoming album and I liked pretty much every song. The Dresden Dolls and the Misshapes opened but we were too busy at the blackjack table to catch them. We chose to see Cyndi in AC because the venue is smaller and we were able to get right up close to the stage. For once the Borgata was crawling with Jersey fags and dykes .... the latter of the 500-pound, Birkenstock mullet variety. Sadly there was no time for indulging at the spa but I'll even that score when we go back for July 4th to see Morrissey.

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