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Hello Sweeties and Happy Birthday!

I'm back again and looking for a handout as always.

Somebody stole the harp I left in Belgium and I'm asking all my friends to help me find it. If anybody out there knows of any place in or out of cyberspace where it might do some good to post this, please help.

Baby Dee's Stolen Harp

It's a Camac electric/acoustic harp. It stands about five and a half feet tall and is painted blue, green, lavender, gold and pink with vines growing up the column and on the sounding board and there's a picture of an angel with an accordion and a fishing pole catching a fish and it says in large letters "Hooray For Baby Dee." It was stolen from a house in Ghent, Belgium. I'm offering a reward of five hundred dollars for its safe return -- no questions asked.


What else? I'm back doing shows again -- mostly in Europe but I should be in New York sometime in July. I'm playing Toronto with Antony and Current 93 in June. Hooray for Antony. He's such a star now!

I'm relearning the art of self promotion. A friend set up a webpage for me here:
And there's and interview and a review of my latest batch of dirges here:

Big love

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Hi Hattie. Hi Merlin.

Thanks. It feels so good to be back in touch. I was up till the wee hours reading the posts here on the motherboards trying to catch up on things. Laughing my tits off. So much has happened, so many changes. Someone should make a "Book of Jackie" out of it.

Speaking of books, that last thing of mine is long gone. I don't even have a copy but I'm going to record another version with harp and cello. With a little luck it'll be out in the fall.

It is too bad about that harp. It had a special attachment I could fix to the crown with a mirror ball and three cherubs holding flashlights up to it.

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