traumatized with the constant threat of giant monster attacks I rushed back from Japan hoping to be soothed by the Queen Gay Soul Sade Pendavis' sunday services to find the joint closed as of last night

who knew?
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No one knew.
Sade called us yesterday. I don't really know what the story is. It's too bad.
As another performance space closes, two more Bottle-Bar-VIP-Lounges open.
I'm about to start backing my SUV into some of these places.
On a brighter note...
You'll be performing with Sade this Friday at "Stevie"!
I'm starting to incorporate quite a few accesories
into my perofrmance for friday.
Can you pick me up in your SUV?

bar d'o was a magic and genius
performance space

that it was a block and half away from my house
had something to do with it
but it was one of my very favorites

can remember video taping several times once for the fifth anniversary of bard'o? the songs always turned out tho the visuals didn't as it was almost too atmospheric and in dark.

bard'o was one of the those places you could feel like adult and still have fun.

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