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Wir (Eve und mich) sind hier in Berlin, rauchen, trinken, and haben viel freiheit!! Berlin mit Sherry Vine is veil Spass.

For those who don't speak German, Eve and I are here having a marvelous time in this city of freedom. We were able to smoke, drink and dance at the same time, and with a bunch of like-minded freaks, too! Das ist gut.

Everywhere one looks it's kunst, kunst, kunst, and we're not just talking the sculptures.

Sherry has a very nice life here, and I can see the appeal of living here. Makes one think.

Well, auf wiedersehn, wir muss trinken, essen und rauchen jetzt.
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Thanks glamnerd, we did have so much fun in Berlin, but I am on to my next stop (after a stop in Budapest for a birthday party)- which is a total Patism (see for the Pat videos and that may be a quote for her book with Chi Chi)! Eve should be back from Paris now, and I hope he did hook up with Michael O'Brien there. I am in Greece now, but we met a couple from Berlin here, and it just re-enforces one's thoughts about living there... but I highly recommend Berlin as a place to visit. Do so now while Sherry is there before her next stop is Broadway with Carrie!

I hope that makes sense as Vulgar Greek and I have had several glasses of Ouzo.
Im here working on the new Big Art Group show "Dead Set". I really love this city. Summer here is amazing. The more time i spend here the more i realize how much its like NYC was. The other great thing about Berlin is what a bike friendly city it is. I love riding to the theater every day...the air is so sweet now, full of florals. And the boys!!!.....dont get me started!!!!

im in love.

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