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If you're in Rome next week, this is the new show I'm creating with Caden Manson , Theo Kogan, Sean Pierce and Jemma Nelson.

ROME SEPT. 8 & 9, 2007

Kollantino Underground
Via Georges Sorel, 10
00177 Roma, Italy
Tel: +39 33 9730 1465

Cinema Fury: THE SLEEP reconfigures MP Shiel's manuscript "The Purple Cloud" with captured and recorded image sequences to critique the contemporary cultural landscape and environmental issues. In this genre classic written in 1901, an ambitious adventurer sets off to the undiscovered North Pole for fame and wealth. But as his expedition turns violent, a far greater tragedy occurs in the world he leaves behind. When he emerges from his hollow triumph to this new order, he must confront a dead world and a bleak new existence for the remainder of his life. Shiel's manuscript, as opposed to other "last man" stories, is uniquely probing, stark, haunting and suffused with sadness and rage. From the unrelenting bleakness and loneliness of the original manuscript, Cinema Fury extrapolates the crisis of contemporary survival, merging Shiel's story with current accounts of climate change, and jettisoning the information accumulation of a digital society to investigate a forced primitivism and a crisis of being.

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