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The Empress and I are in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and having a great time. She's writing, I'm doing music.
The weather is gorgeous.
I just wanted to say Hi to everyone but I'm at an internet cafe and on a PC.
They are so retarded.
I don't see how anyone can use them.
I can't wait to get back to Mac.
I'm not going to write much because this stupid thing makes me crazy.
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How many times when I'm at work and have to use one of the PC's do I turn to Hattie and say, "I hate the PC!"

Daddy, wishing you and Empress a glorious time. Nova has been a slice of heaven for me while you've been Elsewhere. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. I have to insist on at least 4 visits each and every week with my new boyfriend when you return (we're closer than we've ever been and I fear anything less might instill separation anxiety for the two of us).
Ola amigos!

I am on the selfsame PC as I am now too lazy to walk 2 blocks with my laptop to the wifi spot. tee-hee..

Daddy is a big baby whenever he has to use a windoze computer. I will never forget my first time ever using one, in a pot/internet cafe in Amsterdam. Now try using that windoze mouse for the first time after smoking a huge fatty and eating a pot

Anyway, it has been a great week, and I am so glad my boy has been hanging at Rapture and getting so much love..thanks mr. joe and of course hatches. yinyang Cool

See y'all on Saturday at the big fiesta, can't wait!

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