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Join resident alchemists Corinne and Abby for an afternoon of brewing up your very own Bitters. You'll receive all the ingredients for an alcohol-based "preparation" and learn how to combine them for maximal cocktail-enhancing potential. The ladies will offer a selection of beverage suggestions designed to inspire the mixologist in you. You will choose from select botanicals and learn about their medicinal properties. Chat with your classmates and discuss ideas about possible booze pairings as you muddle.

From 6:30 till 7, enjoy a warming welcome beverage crafted with Lucky's Mace or Clove and Orange Peel Bitters. Class begins at 7:15. Afterwards, your barmaids will serve up another complimentary cocktail as you share stories of your drinking adventures.

You'll take home your very own jar of bitters, to be tumbled for a full month till properly infused, along with a piece of straining muslin and a dropper dispenser bottle with further instructions for finishing your project. 

Workshop Fee: $120 - Introductory half-price special until Valentine's Day: $60! Class size is limited to six students.

There will be two Bitters Making Workshops: Tuesday, January 17 & Tuesday, January 31.

168 Avenue B (between 10th & 11th Streets)

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