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Amazed really that Bjork has never been in this section.... Thought it was time we got together here to pay homage....
I was just listening to her album Post today.. relased i think in 95 but its still SO amazing and fresh when you put it on... so unique a sound (thanks in part to Tricky and Nellie from Soul II Soul).. but just amazing tracks like the seductive Hyper-ballad and the curious The Modern Things, whose lyrics I love "All the modern things
Like cars and such Have always existed They've just been waiting in a mountain. For the right moment" - love the whimsy in her style...
The Sugercubes were fab too... amazing band, great 12" cover-art etc...
All hail to Bjork
PS - Howard if you are lurking...pls post the real dish.. you know her for god sake... stop lurking and post !yabasta!
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Anna Nicole-- must be something in the air...i've been on a big bjork kick lately, for the first time in quite a while. If you had dropped by our little Mile High Club party last night, Wink you would have reveled to the sounds of the Soft Pink Truth remix of her latest single, It's In Our Hands, which I just wanted to play over and over.

I'll never forget when, two days after getting my driver's license, the sugarcubes were playing near where I lived in Washington, D.C. I was so nervous: 1) driving the 15 minutes into "the city" for the first time, 2) seeing Bjork for the first time, 3) and strangely, going on my first date with a girl. Turned out to be an amazing night of course. Bjork called for everyone to toss their makeup on stage...she proceeded to cover her mouth with what must have been at least two dozen shades of lipstick. Ahh...

By the way, did anyone catch the Bravo Profiles episode a few years ago that went behind the scenes with Bjork, in Spain I think, where she was recording Homogenic? It was an absolutely tremendous hour of TV. If anyone has a copy of it, I'd love to pay for a dupe... I have not been able to track down a copy for purchase through Bravo---
I saw that doc. I loved it... I do think that she is genuine in her interests unlike so many artists who are just so contrived,
Glad at least you and I are on the same tip (suprised that others have not posted on this too). Would have loved to have gone the other night too... but had no nanny for the tyke... unless that is.. you welcome 2 yr old cutie latinos!
hope to see you soon...
I've been meaning to post in this forum for some time but have been busy.

Bjork is GREAT. A true artist and original in a reprehensible industry that only cares about the next blockbuster. Though her vocal ability is actually quite limited in some respects, her imaginative artistry transcends all that. "Post" is my personal favorite of her albums because it is the most fun and upbeat, however I have to say that "Homogenic" is GENIUS and arguably her best work yet. All the songs fit together perfectly like pieces of a puzzle (unlike her earlier albums which are more hodgepodges of different styles thrown together)Homogenic has such a sweeping, cinematic quality ... like you're listening to some sci fi soundtrack. And the album cover with her a space age geisha is one of my favorite in music history.

I also own her video collection, released before Vespertine. Gorgeous! Especially the videos for "Human Behavior" and "Bachelorette". So creative, interesting and visually dazzling.

"one day I found a book buried deep in the ground. I opened it, but all the pages were blank. Then, to my surprise, it started writing itself ...."

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