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I remember Bonds in it's earl day's ad a very big empty club.But then again as a kid in NYCD getting in for free was great.I rember seeing "Strange Party" there Joey,Janice and one more guy.they had these big inflatebale figures that wioul come down from the rafters.
Oh yes and the stair case in the entrance would light up and play a note when you steped on them.
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I just saw that invite for Hollywood Babylon this afternoon at the NYPL in an 1980 East Village Eye (made a copy of course)

"Chi Chi Valenti
dares you to revel in an evening
of Sodom and Gomorrah--
Hollywood Babylon at
Bond International Casino.
Watch the fountains run red as we
celebrate the death and decay of that
rare and glittering creature...
The Hollywood Star...

Complimentary admission for spectacular and realistic costumes...

Tuesday August 6, 1980
Regular Admission $13.00
Doors Open at 10:00pm"
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