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Time for Part 2.
If you need to refresh, here is Boy George Part 1.

Well the bitch is back, Long Live The Queen!

Boy George Loves New York Freaks
By David Hershkovits

Boy George has discovered YouTube where he's been posting numerous interviews with himself under the name georgiegirl5. Always outspoken, he now has a podium. In this video he pays tribute to the freaks of New York like Amanda LaPore and performs to music he wrote for a Heatherette show. Don't miss the shout out to Johnny Dynell and Chi Chi Valenti as well as to our very own Drew Elliot.

Boy George on YouTube
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George is a great guy.
I know that there is much more to this story than the press is reporting.
This hustler is a can of worms believe me!
I'd like to see Messy Bonnie and Jackie Bigalow tie him up for a few days.

Somehow George will turn this whole nightmare experience into something constructive.
A book, a play, a movie, a line of clothes...
My money is on him to come through this.
Of course he'll come through this. He is a nice guy but who really wants to go to prison for something as stupid as a hustler. George isn't getting any younger either. Don't you think it's time to take a different road in life other than being a drug addict and it's just the same old story. It's time for a change. IMHO I am so over drugs and all the heartache and sorrow they cause. George is far too talented to waste it.
I got a letter from George the other day.
He sounds surprisingly upbeat.
He says to give all the kids his love and is very glad to hear that New York seems to be coming back from the brink of Yuppie Hell.
(He's been keeping up through Lily, Guy, Drew, Aimee and me so his news may have been A little slanted).

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