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I agree Glammy.
The last scene is brilliant.
Bono's face when he says, "I'm just like Bono only younger".

I loved when he's talking to the Christian guy who tries to turn gay people straight through Jesus. The guy asks Bruno, "Do you know who the man is who changed my life"? (implying Jesus) and Bruno says without missing a beat,
"Karl Lagerfeld"?
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Yeah, the cage fight was over the top!
The faces of the people watching were horrific.
We really live in a bubble.
America can be a VERY ugly place.

The scene where he gets Ron Paul in the bedroom and then strips down to his thong was surreal.
The "cool, hip" Ron Paul screaming about the "queer" coming on to him was very telling.
Not so "cool".

It's really amazing that he hasn't been killed.
Like when he's in Gaza (or wherever it was) talking to the Palestinian terrorist and he says, "Your King Osama looks like a dirty wizzard or a homeless Santa Claus".
The terrorist asks the translator, "What did he say"?
When he translates the terrorist clenches his fist and just says coldly, "get him out of here".
He was lucky.

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