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One thing I miss about living outside the U.S. these days is that I can't just board a plane for some overpriced yet oddly sustaining island vacation in the Caribbean. I know the overpriced part isn't really true this winter, and was wondering if anyone had any tips on where to go later this winter (I'll be back in NYC in mid-February, then Los Angeles, then Washington DC, then I'm hoping to sneak off for five days or so to some paradise to toast this pasty British skin.)

I've been to St. John, St. Barts, Tortola and Jamaica and would like somewhere with a great beach, high-speed access and local mystics. I haven't done this kind of trip in close to a decade and would appreciate any suggestions or reports.
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When people think of Caribbean vacations they never think of Mexico but it rocks. It's beautiful, cheap, tropical, cheap, fun, cheap, educational, cheap and very cheap. There is Caribbean Mexico (BUT NOT CANCUN!). Isla Mujeres, Cozamel, Tulum they are all very beautiful.
I really love Pacific Mexico though. Especially Puerto Escondito and Puerto Vallarta.
We've been to alot of the Caribbean Islands. They are gorgeous but Mexico is just as nice and about 1/2 the price.
Daddy and Chi Chi..would love to hear your thoughts on Puerto Vallarta. David and I are considering a trip to the area, specifically Nuevo Vallarta, first week of April. Not an ideal time temperature-wise, but it's when we can get away. What's kept you going back time and again? We went to San Jose del Cabo two years ago and LOVED it, it was warm and surprising quite empty, for January. Nearby Cabo San Lucas, which we knew to stay away from, was another (crowded) story though. Ick. Thanks for any advice! xx
The only think I tend not to like about Mexico or DR is the fact that they are not to lush and green. Or am I wrong and just went to the wrong place? I love Mexico CITY as a place to hang, very artsy. But DR where I've been to loads of times I find is only lush in tourist areas where its been cultivated.
For me, I love the 'jungle' feel of parts of Jamaica and the warm sea. I think it's correct to say on the whole the culture for the country is homophobic, but then again so is America (we are just not so aware as we are mainly in big cities) as y'all know so many of of my mates in Kingston are gay so I think big city life everywhere is different.
Luka and I will be there in 2wks!


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I am not just speaking out of hometown pride here: you must go to St. Croix.

Going in the spring or summer is relatively cheap, we have tons of amazing secluded beaches, great food, lots of cultural activities, rainforests, art, and a very cosmopolitan culture with artists, travelers, students, and yes, even mystics, from all over the world.

You will need a rental car to really see the island, but it's definitely worth it. You'll get a real immersion in our distinctive culture instead of a pre-packaged show, which is what you get in places like St. Thomas and Jamaica.

Check it out!

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