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Boarding time 6:30pm
Setting sail: 7:00pm

For the last voyage of Carried Away’s inaugural season, we’re taking it back to the essence. Two of New York City’s soulful house music giants, veterans who helped establish the art form in its formative years, will be taking us guiding us along the beautiful New York Harbor. Queens’ own Roger Sanchez has been a sought-after selector since the late 80s, responsible for tracks like “Luv Dancin” and an official remix of Michael jackon’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”. His Release Yourself Radio series was groundbreaking for electronic music podcasts when it debuted in 2007, and he’s a four-time DJ Awards winner in the genre of house. Hector Romero, key member of the Def Mix collective and founder of SAW.RECORDINGS, started off as a child prodigy DJ rocking hip-hop sets in the Bronx. He blossomed into one of house and techno’s most influential tastemakers, a staple at festivals, revered for his Undulation mix series.


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