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I was hearing conflicting stories about Chloe's cause of death, including that she had jumped in front of a subway. I did find this statement posted to Linda Simpson's Facebook acct, from "her friends and family", unsigned. But posted by Viva Ruiz, so i would tend to believe it:

There was a little gathering last night where we pulled together info from her partner, police reports, and friends.

Chloe had been on hardcore pain meds and AIDS meds for a long time, and was on a three-medicine concoction which is the same thing that they give soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder coming back from the Iraq war. On the box it says that a side-effect is ‘suicidal thoughts’…the NY Times wrote a story about the medication last week.Taking all these meds Chloe would be lucid for maybe five hours each day, then at night would switch and be completely delusional and paranoid. Also, her partner says that Chloe was losing her balance and falling down often.

She was put in bed last night at midnight by a friend and at 2am she left her apartment. A camera saw her going in one direction and a guy from her building going in another direction, but then Chloe called the guy over. The police spoke with this man and he is a solid stand-up citizen and he said that Chloe asked him where a police station was, that she needed to be protected by the police (her paranoia). He told her to take the subway to the police station. Chloe fell on a track that was not operational and at some point was hit by a service car. She may have hit her head and been unconscious, who knows…The police are still compiling details.

Earlier in the day she had bought art supplies. She was excited about future plans. There was no suicide note. It is more likely that this was an accident - that she fell in her over-medicated state, rather than a suicide.
If you hear anyone say that she killed herself I hope you will tell them the rest of the details.
Hi Empress, thank you for reposting, yes that is the truth of it although I still don't know who specifically wrote it, it was forwarded to me too. There really aren't words to say how much I and the world will miss her in this plane, but I know we have won the most powerful ally in the world of spirit. In mourning, along w everyone else in our community and beyond. She touched and affected so many lives. xo
I just read what you and viva wrote.
Thank you Empress for reposting this for all.
Most were worried that she had committed suicide.
It was a terrible accident, but accident.

I have to believe for myself and all others that she will be shining from another
place, writing, being a girl, riding horses and loving us all.

Am so proud to have known her.
The picture is one I took at Transeuphoria titled 

I wrote it under her name when I got home and it was so fun to write it in caps.
Never thinking it would be the last picture of her.
I'm so glad she got to have this last show.
Hello loves,
now is the time to beat the drum around all of Chloe's accomplishments, her struggles, her life. This is a once in a lifetime revolutionary who did so much good in hiv and trans advocacy in the face of constant physical pain. She was and is a very important political figure and this is the time to make a joyful noise around this fact. We have created a page for her community here:
We invite people to post memories, photos whatever is inspired to share. You can also email photos here: . The memorial service is in the works, looking at spaces like Judson, or St. Marks Church, but may need to start a collection to help pay for all of it. Will keep you posted. Love, v`
Thank you so much.
This is so appreciated by so many to have your strong voices
heard. This was a hard one.

Chi Chi
Michael Musto

I have a couple more pictures and should put them on the page

I have been reticent about putting things up, almost shy or something.
If I can be of any help at the Memorial, I am a chef, please use my services,
if anything is needed.
Thank you, Empress and thank you, my sister Viva.  This happened the day I left for an extended road trip; shocking and still devastating.  I happened to bring a drive that contains photos from Chloe's life, including her wedding that I will share once at my destination.  I truly appreciate any and all updates, as I will be away from my NYC circle for a while.  Echoing the celebration of Chloe's fierce, courageous and art-filled life rather than details over her transition beyond.  Much love and light in the night.
I knew Chloe though I haven't talked to her in a few years.  I was very sad to hear the news.  Part of her strength was the integration of the tragic -- that her departure from the Earth plane had a bit of chaos isn't shocking.  Death is kinda messy anyway.  Glad I get to learn more about her from folks' positive recollections of her considerable impact.  I am glad I got to spend some time with her.

See you in a bit, Chloe!  Blessings to you and your close ones.....
Chloe's memorial now set for March 12 @ Judson Church, 2-5 PM

More info is here:!/eve...notif_t=event_invite

Saturday, March 12 · 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square South
New York, NY

More Info
Wheelchair access @243 Thompson St.

Be an angel and donate to the event here

The community of activist and artist Chloe Dzubilo invite you to a celebration of her fierce and beautiful trans-spirit. Together we can be inspired by her loving defiance in the face of a tragically fractured health care system, abusive gender prejudices, and her own failing health.

Chloe’s closest friends --- Transgender and HIV/AIDS advocacy s/heroes, recovering humans, downtown artists, singers, dancers --- will honor her singular vision of a just world through ritual, song, art, incite-full stories, dance.

We invite you to come together for one afternoon in the spirit by which Chloe lived her life --- to invoke a world where artist-activist-healer are one, where struggle is glamorous, irreverence heals and joy shows up brightly in the darkest places.
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