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BBC America is going to be airing the new Saunders & French show Clatterford!

Premieres Friday March 9th at 9pm ET.

I haven't seen it yet, but I am a huge fan of S&F and cannot wait. Joanna Lumley is also in the cast, YEAH! (she's the one third from the left in the knit cap)

The gossip I hear is that they had to change the name for the US market as the original name could be considered offensive in the puritan colonies of America: "Jam and Jerusalem"
Hapi Phace (Founder of the *colored footnote* aka in the UK: ink">the phootnote of colour)
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Hey JT C - where have you been? I keep waiting for you to post somting in your "tunnel in my backyard" thread - I watched your vid - but it is too dark to see anything, yet I know how you love those sloshing sounds.

Being one of those various fruity men, I know that you'd cast me as the Dawn French (the chubby one in the curly wig). Which one whould you cast Hattie as?

I realized that I have tickets to see Grey Gardens (again) on the same night that Clatterford debuts - but it also airs the following afternoon.

Have you heard about the play Frost-Nixon - it is coming from London where it was a huge hit. I wanted to sk you if you wanted to come down to see it - I'll get tickets. I'll never forget how you kept vigil outside of Nixon's apartment when he was on death watch -that's hopless devotion!

I'm nine months of cigarettes, so you have to find somewhere else to stay (with Tabboo?) but I'll take you to the show March 31 - through April 15 are previews - show opens April 16. I prefer to go to previews, but am flexible accordng to your schedule.
"Joanna Lumley as the formidable and only slightly loopy Delilah Stagg".
Sounds delicious!

Good Lookin' out Hapi.

F&S write the best character names.
Ab Fab names are great (Edina Monsoon) of course but my favorite names were from the never-produced "Mirror Ball" (For some reason it never made it past the pilot)

The show centers around Vivienne Krell (Saunders) and Jackie Riviera (Joanna Lumley), two aging stage actresses who live in vertically adjacent flats. The two are of questionable talent, and their careers seem to be at a standstill. During the course of the pilot, Vivienne has the opportunity to be cast in a new show but delivers a horrifying rendition of the standard "Send in the Clowns", thanks in part to Jackie's off-kilter advice (Jackie shouts at her from off-stage to "Sparkle! SPARKLE!").

Julia Sawalha plays Freda Keill, a more serious actress and friend of the main characters, and Jane Horrocks plays Yitta Hilberstam, a vicious German actress. June Whitfield appears as Dora Vermouth, a former vaudeville actress who spends most of her time intoxicated at the local pub.

Joanna Lumley as "Jackie Riviera"
June Whitfield as "Dora Vermouth"
Jane Horrocks as "Yitta Hilberstam"


And BTW Hapi... *
Hapi Phace (Founder of the *colored footnote*)

* It has long been tradition on The Motherboards to use the spelling "coloured footnote" when in a topic about British sit coms.
I asked one of my friends in UK what he thought of "Jam and Jeruselum" (akak Clatterford) and the disagreabble kook gave me this reply:
" First of all, I hated Jam and Jeruselum as funny as a dentist drilling
into your tooth without an anersthetic! Secondly I can't stand Jennifer
Saunders or Dawn French, I mean how did they ever make it onto television
or even become famous? They've always reminded me of improvisation at a
drama school, bad improvisation at that!

I'm beginning to worry about you now, do you still live at the same
address or are you now in some old peoples retirement home? "

Which makes me think that I will like it, as he does dislike just about everything that I like.
I think you should ditch this friend Hapi.
French and Saunders are two of the greatest minds of our time!

I saw a 2 min. preview of "Clatterford" on BBC on Demand.
I watched it 3 times.
I WANTED to like it.
I WANTED to laugh.
but I couldn't.

If it is anything like the 2 min. trailer...
treasure your F&S and Ab Fab DVDs like I do.
It sucks.

Patsy (aka Joanna Lumley) looks pretty goood though.


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Sorry to hear that Daddy.
I read somewhere that the first episode dragged a bit but that it gets better. Dawn French did a really bad/weird show where she played a minister. So I know that they are not always 100% spot-on - that is why I like them -- sort of like a Pyramid Show, the possibilty of failure can sometimes lead to brilliance.

Well that friend is flying in tonight, so it is a bit late to dump him now. When I met him a million years ago, a mutaul friend had given him my number and it ws a Tuesday when he called so I took him to Jackie 60 . . . he had never met me before and as I led him into the meat packing district, he was convinced that I was a serial killer and that he was going to die that night! I'm taking him and his boyfriend to Grey Gardens tomorrow night, so I won't get to see it until Saturday . . . we shall see . . .
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