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Thank you to everyone for making my 47th mortal birthday so very special, but especially Rob and Kitty for the attention to detail. The Radical Faerie cake with mini embryos and clonebabies was a stroke of genius - not to mention the very special extra ingredient.

I know it was 105 degrees yesterday which made everything - including the art of makeup-so much more difficult, and really appreciated the devotion to drag and appearances by so many special friends.

The last highlight, as Randella and I sat enjoying the trip towards last call, was the appearance of Mudd Club/ Studio/ Jane-West legend and fellow Leo, Francesca. We hadn't seen each other in fifteen years, easily. (Mudd readers - the Francesca who was one of Luna's girls, in the trinity of Francesca, Fedora and La Mosquita =Blonde Nicole.)

Desmond had run into her at Bugsy's joint and brought her over to Click. He had one of the evening's great lines, to her "The last time I saw you you were passed out on the stairs of AM/PM in a ballgown, in a total couture pose with your train trailing perfectly.."

And THAT, my dears, is the essence of the lioness, whether born or reborn female...
First of all again, heartfelt conratulations to the Empress who without fail has always enabled me to feel confident, validated and warm inside. The night was exquisite, a heterogeneous
cluster of splendor, talent, and super glam. Very appetizing indeed!
As always Empress,
Thank You,

Hey, Get off of my computer! Don't you be gettin' viruses or red worms all over it. And wait till you see the second roll!
What a great party. I should have had some cake though. Everyone seems to have enjoyed it so much. I'll have to get that recipe.
How's Whitney? Did she pee in the bathtub? She learned that trick from Messy Bonnie Raitt.
Heres info on next click-please let me know of your plushy experiences-i remember Kim Dominations yorkie had a major plushy habit!!!
130 Madison St. at
Mechanic's Alley in Chinatown under the Manhattan Bridge.
10 PM - 4 AM
$15, $5 with invite before midnight/ $10 after.
21 and over with a valid ID.

CLICK + DRAG, the weekly-turned-monthly now resident at Chinatown's FUN, celebrates five years of inventive, futurist nightlife created since their opening in September 1996 at
MOTHER. For this anniversary bash, co-producers KITTY BOOTS and ROB ROTH are creating a funny, furry festival simply called PLUSHIES - dedicated to plushy-strokers everywhere. The "Furry,
Furvert and Fursuit" crowd defined in KATHERINE GATES' opus "Deviant Desires" should be out in full force, on this night when the dresscode adds "Furvert Fetish, Paws, Beanie Babies, Tiger
Tails and Bunny Ears" to the visual mix. The penchant for plushy-sex and animal suits is one of the fastest-growing niche fetishes in the world right now (especially after being
documented in the decidedly vanilla Vanity Fair.)

To make this anniversary even more spectacular there'll be a performance by LE TIGRE at 1:00 A.M. The Giuliani-bashing, art-attack band has been played in heavy rotation on the Click +
Drag soundtrack of late, and features former Bikini Kill singer-guitarist Kathleen Hanna, artist Johanna Fateman and videomaker Sadie Benning. There's also a "Sexiest Plushy Outfit"
competition sponsored by TONY & TINA during the night, and plushy go-go with a special appearance by the much-loved KINKY TINKY WINKY. DJs LOAD REZENHAND and SAMMY JO will spin "jackin'dark-core- intergalactic-elektro-freqbeats" for this mostspecial edition, and feeding the animals will be most definitely encouraged.

Strict Dress Code: Furvert Fetish, Paws, Beanie Babies, Tiger Tails, Bunny Ears, cyberslut, fetish, gothic, post-apocolyptic,sexy robot, glam nerd, leather, vinyl, rubber, genderhacking,
imaginative head-to-toe black or full period costume.

More on Plushies at

More on Le Tigre at
Daddy came to his thirtieth consecutive career only as a means to have even one more job to do during the night. Just a normal day in the life of Dynell involves creating, set designing, djing and producing the same night as well as photographing it either in stills or now DV.

Daddy considers a night when he is ONLY doing one job - like taking pics at my birthday or DJing at someone else's night a night off - that's how twisted his perspective is.

And in case you think this has only happened recently, I have the hundreds of pictures that he took while DJing at Area to prove he's been burning his candle at both ends for almost two decades now.
My, my, Ms, Kitty, *fans herself with her blood-red Kung Fu fan* that was SOME website! Nothing like naughty, pigtail-wearing girls and their teddies...Y-u-m! Would that I could have gone to the last Click installment to salute the Most Divine Chi-Chi in person. I visit Gotham once a month, but I arrive early Fri. a.m., making it impossible for me to attend your colorful soirees. I am especially gritting my fangs (the pain can be quite delicious...) for having to miss the upcoming "plushies" event, as I made a tiger fur bikini top, matching ears and mini-skirt looong ago as one of my first DivaWear items.

I truly enjoyed making your delightful acquaintance last December, when attending my one and only 'Click (you complimented me on printing the event invite on nice, glossy cardstock) event.

Won't you come out to 'Justine for a drink sometime? 'Though I skipped the city in Sept., I shall be resurfacing sometime in early October to host a Vice n Virtue event--drop me an e-mail and let's chat! Keep up the perverse fun!

Mistress Diva
The 9/13 addition of Click + Drag will be postponed until further notice. There is no access to chinatown and we have no idea how long this will continue. Le Tigre will try to reschedual with us a few weeks from today. Look at for details. Please send this information to others.

Thanks , I look forward to seeing everyone when we find a date. Take care and I hope all our click family is safe and well!

Rob Roth
130 Madison St. at
Mechanic's Alley in Chinatown under the Manhattan Bridge.
10 PM - 4 AM
$15, $5 with invite before midnight/ $10 after.
21 and over with a valid ID.

Now that the barricades have lifted in Chinatown, Click + Drag
returns for "The Latex Superhero", a night of shiny hero worship
and fantasy. We urge you to polish up your favorite rubber
outfit and fly down to the much-loved futuristic monthly, where
the brilliant latex couturier THE BARONESS explores the inflation
fetish with her BIZARRE RUBBER CONTRAPTIONS performance. Her
inflatable fashions resemble comic book heroes and villains with
their saturated colors and exaggerated shapes. Other highlights
will include Pneumatic fetish gogo, superhero video and
DJs LOAD REZENHAND and SAMMY JO spinning their inspired
"jackin'dark-core- intergalactic-elektro-freqbeats". So bring
it like Batman or twirl like Wonder Woman to transform into your
fantasy superhero: Come and save the world!

Strict Dress Code: Comic book and superheroes looks, inflatables,
latex capes, superfriends, Baroness latex couture, cyberslut,
fetish, gothic, post-apocolyptic, sexy robot, glam nerd, leather,
vinyl, rubber, genderhacking, imaginative head-to-toe black or
full period costume.

More on the inflation fetish at
Pick your superhero at
Well, last night I got all dressed, in themage too, and made my way over to FUN for Click. Except it was all closed up- my mind whirled, and I asked the cab driver the rhetorical question- "where do I go now?" After a moment or two, I decided that this a msg that I shouldn't be out last night drinking and dancing. Then I just started laughing outloud to myself, as I realized the date, and that Click is next week. Where was my head? Oh well, at least I know what I am going to wear next week...
I hate to be the one to expose the truth here, but *true* teabagging is a wretched thing to do to someone who has made the misfortune, (usually at camp, in jail, or in the armed forces), of falling asleep with thier mouth open.

Yes, then you dip your teabag in the cup, as mentioned, and some helpful wag makes good with a camera, documenting the affair for future generations.

It's good for yukks and blackmail. I've never been so traumatized as when I woke up from a dream of eating bon bons with a mouthful of my army buddy's manhood. Screwed me up for life, it did.

Not that any of this has anything to do with Click and Drag, of course...


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I really need a rubber cape for this evening!!! what shall I do!!! are some nice picts of Debbie' and the Fishsticks performance at Wigstock, ( there is only one of me though !!! I'll sue!) she looks amazing, better than that you know who's picture published in that you know what Mag.

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I second that emotion, Darla! It was very much a family gathering. I saw many I hadn't seen in months. Enjoyed the Baroness's "Michelin Man" inflatable latex straightjackets as well!
But the sight of about six hard trannies I didn't recognize lined up at the bar at the very end was one I wouldn't have missed for anything.
As was SammyJo's late night latex peel-off...
PS: Where WAS Poison Eve? I guess her "date" was a success!
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