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I am a clothing designer and I see clothing as a valid art form! I create anything from gowns to corsets that defy the imagination! I have displayed many of my works in art galleries and conventions and have made a bit of a reputation, but I still get discouraged when people tell me clothing isn't a valid art form... What do you all think? I would love to hear opinions from other artists... so please let me know what you all think I would be most grateful. *curtsies*
If girls are allowed to look pretty and show their legs then why cant I? ~Mana-sama~
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Cheers Night Queen,

I think this is a wonderful discussion!! Welcome! Welcome!

Years ago, my first career aspiration was to be a fashion journalist. Growing up, I found fashion truly inspiring. Magical even. I wanted to write about it more than anything. Helen Gurly Brown, I thought at 16, I'm coming for your job!

Growing up in Iowa, where there is, shall we say, a certain lack of culture, museums, anything ... fashion magazines were my ONLY portal to art. My illustration work very much derives from this editorial vision. That first issue of Details with all the black and white runway photogrphy blew my little midwestern mind.

I had the drive even as an undergrad in college to secure a fashion editor position at Boston University's daily newspaper and wrote on fashion for several local publications in the Boston area. My insight into the designers I interviewed at that time, Gaultier, especially, confirmed in my mind the fashion designer as an individual is an amazing and quite powerful artist.

What 'degrades' our perception of fashion design as a fine art is the fashion industry itself. For while, lets say, Gaultier *AGAIN* is a gifted artist, those promoting his line and handling his press, etc. etc. are not artists. They are business folk.

But truly fashion design as an art form is a most powerful media; it can send amazingly resonate, even political messages. It's impact on our culture is cursedly underestimated.

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