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COIL is Performance Space 122’s annual winter performance festival showing remarkable contemporary performance from local, national and global artists. Full of textured, contemplative, grounded, rigorous, and always very live performance.
This year, we turn our gaze inward by focusing on our own: New York City artists working on very intimate, personal stories of who and why we are. COIL14's artists are re-imagining how we tell these stories - with traditional forms juxtaposed against new and remarkable combinations of song, movement, fight and sound.  
Featured artists in COIL 2014: Reid Farrington | Heather Kravas | Okwui Okpokwasili | CATCH! | Jeremy Xido | Tina Satter / New York City Players | Phil Soltanoff | Mac Wellman | Brokentalkers  

COIL ticket packages: 5 tickets for $75 / 8 for $122
Single tickets range from $25-$15




COIL 2014 - Jan 3-19


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  • COIL 2014 - Jan 3-19
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