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COIL Festival 2010.

14 companies. 12 days. Breathtaking performance.
Theatre | Dance | Cinema | New Music | Multi-Media | And beyond.
"How much crazy can you stand?" - Variety

COIL is the annual winter festival of contemporary performance featuring the past, present, and future hits of Performance Space 122.

Performances by: Edgar Oliver, Richard Maxwell/NYC Players, Temporary Distortion, the National Theater of the United States of America, Reid Farrington, Raymond Scannell & Tom Creed, Gisele Vienne, LeeSaar The Company, Maria Hassabi, Megan V. Sprenger, Morgan Thorson & LOW, WaxFactory, Rotozaza/Ant Hampton, Lisa D'Amour & Katie Pearl...phew!

SPECIAL COIL EVENT: Sunday, January 10 at 10:30pm
Join us after the performances on Sunday, Jan 10 at the LuEster Lounge in the Public Theater lobby for our annual COIL PARTY.

Experiencing COIL has never been easier - 5 tickets for $55 with the PS122 PASSPORT - save 50%!
Use tickets in any combination.
Single tickets to on-site COIL performances: $20

Click for tickets, show times and descriptions [link to]

Or call the box office 212.352.3101
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