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COIL Festival
January 5 – 15, 2011

Performance Space 122’s 6th annual winter festival of contemporary performance,
featuring hits from past, present and future seasons

11 days. 17 companies. Theatre. Dance. Live Art.
Breathtaking Contemporary Performance.

Come this January, 50+ companies from NYC, the US, UK, Australia, continental Europe, Latin America and Asia will be part of the mid-winter festival. This year, spring-loaded as ever, 17 companies boasting over 100 artists and collaborators will help us kick-off what promises to be a very exciting New Year. Programming spanning theatre, dance, multi-media, psycho-sexual storytelling, live music and not to mention chat-bots, will be held both on and offsite making for a unique experience each time. Check out a snippet of the action at

The Body Cartography Project Symptom ▪ Jack Ferver Rumble Ghost ▪ Amanda Loulaki & Short Mean Lady I Am Saying Goodnight ▪ Ishmael Houston-Jones / Chris Cochrane / Dennis Cooper Them ▪ Palissimo The Painted Bird | Bastard ▪ Brian Rogers Selective Memory ▪ Annie Dorsen Hello Hi There ▪ Kim Noble Kim Noble Will Die ▪ Vivi Tellas Rabbi Rabino ▪ Ranters Theatre Holiday ▪ Spalding Gray Stories Left to Tell ▪ Teatro Delle Albe Ouverture Alcina ▪ Ain Gordon A Disaster Begins ▪ Radiohole Whatever Heaven Allows ▪ Travis Chamberlain Green Eyes ▪ John Jahnke & Hotel Savant Men Go Down ▪ The Debate Society Buddy Cop 2

Single tickets from $20 / 5 tickets for $55

For more information on scheduling and tickets, visit
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