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Here, topics of great nightlife immortals passed have been gathered from every nook of The Motherboards. If societies are judged by how we honor our dead, than The Motherboards will be judged very well.

The forum rules are simple. If you would like to start a memorial topic here, please by all means do so.

We only ask that those remembered here were truly Nightlife or Nightclub Legends, of any era or scene.

And the name? We share it, proudly, with the Vampire Conventions that grew out of LONG BLACK VEIL @ MOTHER. Like them, we were inspired by the William Blake quote

Some are born to sweet delight, Some are born to endless night.
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Chi / It woun't let me post a photo album in this forum:

You have not been given the permission(s) to access this page. You require the following rights to view this page: 'Create New Photo Album (This Forum)'. For a full list of permissions you have on this community, please visit your Personal Zone Permissions page.

Advise please.
Love, BM
As I'm sure I would not have been seen as a "legend" during my yrs. in clubland except to my closest friends. I can say that i wanted to be each of you in some way or another. although my ego is rife with grandiose ideas of who i am/was .... it was through many of you that i experienced once in a lifetime realities. I consider an event such as seeing the todd haynes film "superstar: the karen carpenter story" debute on the pyramid's sole 16 mm projector to a packed house as an excellent example of being in the right place at the right time. just one of the many of such moments in a # of nyc best underground clubs.

Can I be you for a moment ? Is it at all possible b'cuz Disko is NOT dead ! Let there be House !

let's here it for the sideliner & Not just the main act. Those in the crowd that showed up & became the show. The faceless hecklers & posers. what a rich painting of cultures smacking each other & grinding to the beats. Sleeping through the long monologs by drunken idiots pretending to be something other than what they actually were. solid gold it all was to my eyes. The obnoxious & obscene riding the moment for all it could. A fix unlike any dope. The moment when a heal breaks and sends the performer rolling sideways down the back steps(stage left) with the wig following a clutching empty hand. saw it happen & smiled inside not b'cuz the pain it would cause but b'cuz it was a reality worth catching & remembering. everyone of you have had a moment like that & so i lay the flowers on the floor to you. The legends.

2 Irishmen fighting, film at eleven

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