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One night the sewer backed up in the middle of the club. I think Arthur decided to have the manhole cover removed and try to clear the obstruction with a broom stick . One of the bus boys with bus pan lifted over his head walked across the room and disappeared into the muck. All you could see was the bus pan and two hands. Some say it was Walter D. Everyone kept telling me the poor guy had developed Typhoid or Cholera due to his ill-fated dip.
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Nightporter, thanks for the memories! A lot of people don't realize these days that, before Happyland, this town once had a vibrant and amazing after-hours nightclub scene, which included clubs like the Continental. And that New York really was the city that never slept!
I can't for the life of me remember exactly where the Continental was. I am thinking West Side in the teens or twenties, though I may be wrong. Can you, or anyone else help me out?
Absolutely brilliant, summed up totally in Arthur Weinstein asking Gennaro Palermo who bartended there - "So, did you make a buck fifty?($150) No? Well you know what to do!"

I have absolutely no other memory of the place itself for all the time I spent there as a DJ wife and bartender coming after my shift at Dance.
This is a very good sign!

It seems that Steve Mass was also involved with this place somehow, but I can't remember that either.

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