What a fun party.
I'm glad you postd these pics.
Now I know who everyone was.
I was dancing with Kier for 20 minutes and didn't even know it was her.
It looks like a really fun party but I'm dizzy just looking at it. I think I may be having an LSD flashback.
Miss U you looked really good and as the pictures proved you managed to pick up a cute boy, haha.

If I could click my heels and be anywhere on Halloween I'd be in the Cosmic Cavern. If any of you creatures make it there be sure to grab some fun for me!
Paper's November 2009 Nightlife issue features a two page spread of the Cosmic Cavern. (p66 & 67.)

It is extra exciting for us because it marks the first time Satori has had one of his photographs published in a national magazine. (but you saw it here first) Smile

There are also some amazing shots from Ves Pitts featuring Zazoo, Muffinhead, Malcolm and Amber Ray.

We LOVE the thrust of the story... Artists taking back NYC nightlife.

"When it comes to New York nightlife circa 2009, it seems that the artists are both calling the shots and buying them." - Alexis Swerdloff.
You both looked AMAZING!! What a great party!! Can you post some of the photos on here? I know you put them up on facebook but I think that everyone on here as well should know how sorry they are they didn't make it! Wink
Kenny is out in LA painting his heart out for a show in a couple months

The "last" one was back in July, but some much more intimate version may appear in the very near future.


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