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Working on a project and would love your input. I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC. I gravitate towards the classic 60's-70's genre, BUT am compiling a list of favorite country songs of queers (queer friendly's) who LOVE country music as much as I do. Please include your song, the artist who sings it and why it turns you out. Looking foward to your response.
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My favorite and some other queens favorite as well,,,,,Dolly Parton, I like "Jolene" and "Here you come again".

On the male side I like Waylon Jennings, he is the good guy who wears a black hat, also Waylon is my type of guy, I even have him as a friend on Myspace, although he is kinda dead. I like the songs, "Ramblin Man", "Good Hearted Woman" with Willie Nelson.
I also like "Good Woman Blues" by Mel Tillis and "Anyone Going to San Antone" by Charlie Pride.

Why these songs turn me out?

Well for Dolly it is more about her than it is the songs, I wish I had her boobies. And the same can be said for Waylon, well I don't want his boobies but I like him and his style more than I do the songs, I sort of had a crush on him back in the seventies, then I found out he was married to that,, that,, that person named Jesse Colter.
Mel Tillis is cute in a dopey way and the song is kinda cool in a knee slapping way.
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Sweetie...Lucinda Williams is the shit. OMG, she turns me into a blubbering gob of goo. Listen to the ESSENCE album, particularly "Envy the Wind", "Lonely Girls," "Steal Your Love," and the title track. And, the CAR WHEELS ON A GRAVEL ROAD album is also phenomenal: "Jackson" is a modern classic.

She's popular but really edgy in her honesty, she's substantially progressive, and she carries every aching emotion in that twangy voice.
Bobby you will be happy to know that starting Wednesday, October 11th, Daniel Nardicio and I are throwing a down home, down and dirty, unapologetic weekly party in celebration of COUNTRY MUSIC!!!
Both of us come from country roots and have been losing our minds putting together play lists for the party. We are astounded at the legions of gay people that adore country. The party is called CORNHOLE COUNTY and we have found a GENIUS space called Otto's Shrunken Head that has all of the trappings of a roadside honky tonk. Red naugohide anti-CHIC!! The party is going to feature classic country, cajun, southern rock and rock-a-billy, PLUS a live band each week for closeted "country queen" guest stars to shine with. Of course some hot red neck GoGo, slow dance shout outs and weekly tributes. Opening night is TAMMY WYNETTE!!!! We are thrilled.
Please keep your country faves coming in!!!
Flloyd turned me on to BOBBIE GENTRY about 5 years ago - and she is sooo great! Vintage late 60's hippie-esque country - incredible! IMHO her best lp is Touch 'em with Love 1968.

Also Sweetie did you know CMT started showing Hee-Haw again? Some definite classics pop up on that show.

deep in the heart of Texas,
Brian Damage


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