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dancer from the dance is a novel written by andrew holleran. it's probably my favorite book. i've read it so many times. is anyone else familiar with this gay masterpiece of a novel? i'd love to hear from those of you who know and love this book like i do. and are there still any queens like sutherland around today?
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So tell us about you young queen.
What do you do? (want to do)?
Do you write?
Do you dance at the dance?
Do you PNP?

Just curious.
Then we'll get back to Helran Learnowd.

Oh, and I know you are also curious...
Yes, those are absolutely my abs.
If anyone on these boards tells you they are really the 17 year old abs of Tony Danza it's a lie!
about me: to sum up my life's situation up to this moment-lots of pontential but no opportunities! i live in the NC boonies as some of you might know who have read my profile. it's just SO dead out here darlings-southern living-is highly overrated. i would love to get a nice job and a mediocre apartment in a gay mecca. if anyone has any ideas about any job opportunities in such places please let me know!
i am totally not exaggerating when i say that DFTD totally changed my out look on life and on being a gay man. and what an opening line!

"Ecstasy, its finally spring down here on the chattahoochie, the azaleas are in bloom and everyone is dying of cancer"

and i have long since read city of night. loved it as well.
but i was wondering---is fire island the hotspot it once was back in the day for partying and drugs and hedonistic celebration or has it since burned out?
Queen Josh (and all other Holleran admirers), I would love to resurrect this discussion. I just joined about a month ago, so I was not "here" when you first posted. Andrew Holleran (aka Eric Garber) is one of my all-time favorite writers. I feel much the same about DFTD as you. I first read it in 1992 and it was like nothing I had ever read before. I was possessed by it. I picked it up again last year and it still had the same power over me. ["Americans, for my money, are just too damned sophisticated." -Sutherland.]
I liked Nights in Aruba, but not quite as much, probably because I so loved the mostly east village setting of DFTD. Since then, I have read his others and all were just as great (different, quieter, but just as great): Ground Zero, Beauty of Men, In September, the Light Changes (this will blow you away it is so good--esp. the story "Joshua and Clark" which completely nuked me it was that good and that heartbreaking) and Grief.
So, please, if you (or anyone else) are still interested in talking about him, you have my ear.

Another one to consider if you haven't already: Alan Hollinghurst's The Line of Beauty, but that's another thread.

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