Anybody planning to attend the Spring Ball this weekend?



EVENT: Dances of Vice "Le Sacre du Printemps" Spring Ball
TIME & DATE: March 21, 2009 - 7PM to 12AM
LOCATION: The Montauk Club - 25 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn
ADMIT: $28 in advance (ONLY 200 TIX) - $30 doors - All Ages

Dances of Vice celebrates the arrival of spring in a festive ball on the day of the Vernal Equinox, featuring the music flourishes of FERN KNIGHT (w/ guest drummer BRIAN VIGLIONE), MELORA CREAGER of Rasputina, and LUCAS LANTHIER of The Deadfly Ensemble, Nijinsky-inspired theatrical dance art by neo-baroque group COMPANY XIV, and special guest puppeteers The ROYAL BARITARIAN PLAYERS.

The ball will also feature fairy-tale fashion displays by the Libertine Asylum Collective (BLASPHEMINA'S CLOSET - APATICO - SCOUNDRELLE'S KEEP - MEGAN MAUDE), and artist/designer KRISTIN COSTA.

Dances of Vice
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Yes, I am definately attending this, and I think Poison Eve and Jeff are coming too. You will GAG at the beauty of the venue, attendees and costuming - I promise. Can't wait to see you there-

One caveat - due to the private venue's hours, these events end much earlier than their clubland counterparts - just have to adjust the full-dress inner time clock a bit and arrive by 9 PM or so..
Yay! We'll definitely see you there. Thanks for the heads up about the early arrival.

We're SO excited to see the inside of the club.

It was one of the buildings that I fell in love with while we were walking through the area back in May when we were scouting out places to live.

I took this shot with my Mamiya C330:

The Montauk Club - Park Slope Brooklyn
It was SO GOOD. And I was actually shy with taking pics. Given the attention my Flickr account has gotten in the last 48 hours, I should have taken a bunch more.

Here's one of me (Satori) by Anna Fischer who was documenting a large number of the most costumed revelers.
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It's this Saturday. We'll most certainly be attending.


EVENT: Dances of Vice "La Vie Parisienne"
TIME & DATE: April 18, 2009 - 7PM to 12AM (show starts 8:30)
LOCATION: The Montauk Club - 25 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn
ADMIT: $21 (Adv) - $25 (DOS) - LIMITED QTY

Paris, known as the "City of Light", was a beacon of creative and artistic freedom in the 1920s and 30s, an era in which the magic of fantasy and the absurd were emphasized, and a diverse reality was manifest. At "La Vie Parisienne", cabaret sensation ISENGART brings you a taste of the sensuality and decadence from this forgotten era, with red hot dixieland jazz sextet The RED HOOK RAMBLERS and accordionist BEN ICKIES.This event also features ragtime cabaret star MR. UNCERTAIN, resident tap mavens The MINSKY SISTERS, and very special burlesque guest PERLE NOIRE, the Black Pearl.

In addition, have your portrait painted by the poorest of bohemians, Lawrence Gullo of the Royal Baritarian Players, freshly imported by freight car from Paris. Steven Rosen will also be offering guests the opportunity to have their portrait taken in vintage style - paired with a makeup booth hosted by LIME CRIME Makeup!

MUSIC: Edith Piaf, Josephine Baker, Lucienne Boyer, Django Reinhardt, Tino Rossi, Charles Trenet, Maurice Chevalier, &c.

DRESS CODE: 1920-30s vintage, Victorian, Edwardian - or formal evening attire. No casual attire permitted.

VENDORS: Steven Rosen - Crankypants - Glampire

Dances Of Vice
This Saturday is the last of the Season. It will return in Fall of 2009.

Note - The show starts @ 8pm this month.


EVENT: Dances of Vice "Les Secrets du Boudoir"
TIME & DATE: May 16, 2009 - 7PM to 11PM (show starts 8:00)
LOCATION: The Montauk Club - 25 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn
ADMIT: $21 (Adv) - $25 (DOS) - LIMITED QTY

Find yourself dancing the night away with winking beauties clad only in flirtatious vintage dishabille and abandon yourself to vice at Les Secrets du Boudoir, featuring the saucy fun of tap-dancing sensations The MINSKY SISTERS, a tantalizing peek into the boudoir of the enchanting AUTUMN WARD, classic burlesque by lovely RITA MENWEEP of The Peach Tartes, raunchy 1930s cabaret songs by LUNA TART, and the hot two-stepping music of GRANDPA MUSSELMAN and His Syncopators.

Also, prepare yourself for a Salacious Spectacle of Magnificent Millinery Creations in an exclusive coquettish hat and fashion show by HEY SAILOR! Hats from San Francisco!

DRESS CODE: Ladies, jazz up your lingerie (just like a melody) in your finest crepe du chine, vintage bustiers, garter belts, silk stockings, flowing ribbons, elegant corsets and bloomers. For men, period lounge wear and vintage styled undergarments; such as union suits and sock garters, in addition to smoking jackets, etc requested.
We'll be in Vienna this weekend, so Im not able to attend the season closer. Please Z and S take lots of your fab pics!

Other Mboarders, especially costume artists and vintage clothing fetishists: If you havent been yet, DO check this marvelous party/costumed spectacle out.
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O.K. so we have to find someone to dish on Vienna, because we've heard a few hints that TOO much fun was had. Cool

As for DOV...

I'm editing my own pics from this past week down and hope to post them by tomorrow. Of course everyone looked FANTASTIC, and the performances and vendors were top notch.

We spoke with Shien Lee for a bit at the end and were joking that the only thing that would have made the night even better would have been a DOV slumber party. Complete with chastity belts and a key lottery/exchange. Smile

Metromix has a bunch of pictures posted already.

Here's one from Metromix of our group:

Poison Eve, Jeanne, Satori and Zazoo as the "League of Extraordinary Lushes"

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Some exciting DOV news:

Dances of Vice Third Year Anniversary!
August 15th at 303 Bond St. Theater, Brooklyn

EVENT: Dances of Vice Third Year Anniversary Party
TIME & DATE: Sat, August 15, 2009 - 10 PM to 4AM | $10
LOCATION: 303 Bond Street Theater - 303 Bond St, Brooklyn
RSVP on Facebook; No pre-tickets are being sold for this event.

Dances of Vice is excited to announce a new season of events, commencing with our much anticipated Third Year Anniversary Party on AUGUST 15th, produced in collaboration with the sensational new romantic dance group COMPANY XIV!

Our Third Year Anniversary Party will feature a musical performance by Miss SHIEN LEE with the scintillating syncopations of GRANDPA MUSSELMAN and His Syncopators, and exhilarating visual poetry presented by COMPANY XIV. Also, the PUREVILE! revolution continues as a brand new collection of wearable oddities and curiosities is revealed in the PUREVILE shop at this hot affair.

Details can now be found on the Dances of Vice website. We look forward to wiling away the evening you after a restless two-month intermission!
Note from Z&S - Let us know if you are going, we live nearby and may host a little get together at our pad in Park Slope if you want to drop in and get in the right mood and/or put some finishing touches on your look. (not that we're insinuating that you'll need either)
And, We've already RSVPed for this next one.

Neo-Victorian Sunday Brunch with NHK
August 9th at The Montauk Club, 25 Eighth Ave

Precluding the Anniversary Party is a special Dances of Vice brunch event held on August 9th at the Montauk Club, a lavish private Victorian clubhouse in Park Slope.

A feast for the palate is accompanied with a rare audible and visual banquet presented by gothic cabaret sensation VOLTAIRE and steampunk fashion displays from innovative artist-designer KRISTIN COSTA.

Photos by Alas Vera and David Hou

This exclusive affair is being filmed by NHK, Japan's largest national broadcasting network, for their upcoming piece on Neo-Victorian subculture and creative anachronism. Consent to being filmed will be necessary to attend.

RSVP via email ( is required to attend (walk-ins will not be admitted), and seating is limited. Please indicate the number of seats requested in your email. Brunch is $30 per person (tax and tip included), and will feature a buffet table of breakfast sides, a choice of entrees, and unlimited champagne, bloody marys, and mimosas from 1-3:30PM.

NHK is also seeking subjects involved in creating steampunk art to be interviewed for this documentary piece. If you are a steampunk artist or designer, please email us.


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The September event has now been announced. We're insanely excited about this theme, especially with so much advanced notice. Wink


EVENT: "The Cursed Circus" - DOV Vintage Circus Spectacular
TIME & DATE: Sat, September 19, 2009 - Doors at 9PM
LOCATION: 303 Bond Street Theater - 303 Bond St, Brooklyn
ADMISSION: $15 w/ RSVP, $20 at the door

Behold! Behold! A circus of wonder and depravity awaits you at Dances of Vice: The Cursed Circus, in a magnificent display of freaks, fools, fire, and frippery that will astonish and delight!

Abandon all virtue as ring-mistress GIOIA MARCHESE and her deadly cohorts at COMPANY XIV lead you through a world of sensuous marvels! Featuring ISENGART, the captivating libertine of the cabaret underworld, accompanied by GRANDPA MUSSELMAN - An arousing spectacle by Priestess of Fire SKY CLAUDETTE and Eros Fire - The salacious rapping of the tap-dancing MINSKY SISTERS - and many, many more thrills to be announced!

Fiendish beasts of the natural world to astound the most stoic of hearts, winking beauties to set your blood aflame, devillish clowns and countless temptations await you this one sinful night at Dances of Vice. So come one, come all, to the damnedest show on earth!

* RSVP on Facebook as "Attending" for discounted admission of $15. Admission is $20 at the door without RSVP.

SPONSORS: PUREVILE! - Lime Crime Makeup

DRESS CODE: Bohemians, Clowns, Jugglers, Strongmen, Lion tamers, Human oddities, Sideshows, Diviners, Victorian villains, Festive fops, Harlequin, Flappers, Vamps, Madmen, Vintage, or your most deprived attire requested.

DIRECTIONS: F train to Carroll St or N to Union St. 303 Bond is between Union and Sackett.

NOTE: Spontaneous circus acts and performances are welcome (and indeed encouraged!)
Today (8/6/09) is the last day to RSVP for brunch on Sunday.


Today is the last day to RSVP for the Neo-Victorian Brunch at The Montauk Club this Sunday! Only 10 seats remain, and advance payment is required to attend. Complete your reservation HERE.

At this special reception, a feast for the palate is accompanied with a rare audible and visual banquet presented by gothic cabaret sensation VOLTAIRE, Victorian fantasy inspired fashion displays from innovative artist-designer KRISTIN COSTA and extraordinary steampunk designer BERIT NYC, a brand new collection of wearable oddities and curiosities from PUREVILE! and impossible artifacts inspired by Victorian inventions by metalsmith and sculptor ERIN COLLEEN WILLIAMS, which reflect today’s obsessions and cultural curiosities.

Please note that both events are being filmed by NHK for a program focusing on Neo Victorian trends at Dances of Vice, which will air in Japan in September 2009. Consent to being filmed is necessary to attend.
And the September Festival information has been released:
Dances of Vice Festival III: November 21 & 22, 2009
The Grand Shipwreck Ball, at Fort Hamilton Club

Prepare to set sail for the most extravagant and fanciful gathering of castaways, sailors, romantic sea captains, glittering mermaids, sea sirens, pirates and scallawags ever known to New York! This nautical themed festival will be held in three stunning locations: the handsome historical landmark and military base, Fort Hamilton (ca. 1825), which overlooks the beautiful New York Bay, the opulent Victorian Montauk Club (ca. 1889), and The Vault of Element, formerly The Bank - all architectural marvels of the 19th Century, steeped in history.

The festival program will feature classical Baroque music and opera, international guests, fashion shows, dance/theater, vendors, ballroom dancing, fencing demonstrations, and much more. Full details to be announced at the end of the month.

Sponsorship and vending inquiries may be directed to Applying to vend at DOVF III is simple, and requires only the purchase of one event ticket per vendor per day, plus an additional ticket per 4 x 2.5 feet of table space. Venue photos available soon.

Dances of Vice Festival III:
November 20: Pre-festival meet-up dinner, location TBA
November 21: The Grand Shipwreck Ball, at Ft. Hamilton
November 22: Pt I, Mariner's Brunch at Montauk Club (afternoon)
Pt II, Pierre et Gilles Sailors & Seas Disko Nouveaux, at The Vault (evening)


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Some great Dances of Vice events happening this month!
October 17th:"The Importance of Being Wilde" @ 303 Bond Street

If beauty is your religion, you are hereby summoned to join your fellow dandies, fops, narcissists and coquettes at "Dances of Vice: The Importance of Being Wilde" for an evening of peacockery and temptations to celebrate the birthday of DOV patron saint and godfather of glam Oscar Wilde - featuring glitter rock ballads from glam phenomenon MICHAEL T & the VANITIES, exotic serpent-dancer NIKKI le VILLAIN, the sensual sophisticates of COMPANY XIV, Victorian sketch comedies and puppetry presented by The ROYAL BARITARIAN PLAYERS, and special guest, the infamous MISTER BURTON. This event will also feature a specialty cocktail menu presented by your dapper bartender, GERARD!

** RSVP for Wilde & Become a fan of DOV on Facebook for updates! **

Furthermore, Dances of Vice sister night DISKO NOUVEAUX will be taking place this Sunday at The Vault (225 E. Houston) in a special "WILDE BOYS" Edition to start the debauchery early.

"Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear." - Oscar Wilde


October 31: "The Dwindling Party": An Edward Gorey Halloween

This Halloween, Dances of Vice presents "The Dwindling Party", an ominous Edward Gorey themed Victorian Halloween fete with a murder mystery undertone at the 303 Bond Street Theater that promises to be most elegantly deranged.

The Dwindling Party will feature the murder ballads of special musical guests THE SCARRING PARTY, sensational crime scenes performed by resident rapscallions COMPANY XIV, fashions by that ruffled ruffian PUREVILE!, and the musical pandemonium of Ben Ickies' 24-piece chamber rock orchestra, THIS AMBITIOUS ORCHESTRA. Artists FYODOR PAVLOV and LAWRENCE GULLO will be offering hand-drawn Gorey portraits to our dwindling guests!
DRESS CODE: Neglected Murderesses, Doubtful Guests, Gashlycrumb Tinies, Hapless Children, Gilded Bats, Anguishing Artists, Restless Widows, Lonesome Mourners &c. Costume is required for admission, and prizes from GOREY DETAILS (for all your Gorey needs) and BOILERPLATE will be awarded for best dressed!

As a special bonus, those who come to our little corner of Brooklyn for Halloween are in for two awesome events in one: Gemini & Scorpio is hosting a Halloween bash right across the street from us, and admission to the G&S party is only $10 for paid DOV guests after 1:30AM! Similarly, paid G&S party guests can also attend The Dwindling Party for $10 after 1:30AM to catch the tail end of our exciting live entertainment and dance the night away.

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