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DANNY TENAGLIA CLASSICS | Sunday December 12 @ Pacha NYC

Sunday December 12
Pacha NYC presents ...


Part of the 5 Year Pacha NYC Anniversary Celebration

DT takes us home with a classic Sunday party devoted to what else? Classics.

One of the greatest DJs of all time and a true New York legend, Danny Tenaglia embodies the music-first ethic of old school DJs, while embracing the newest sounds. His sets are known travel freely between house, techno, electro, dub, and every possible subgenre, while infusing elements of R&B, funk and soul.

The Grammy nominee and revered producer is in-demand on the world stage and beloved in New York, where his “Be Yourself” party is the stuff of legend, bringing new sounds to the city every Friday for five years.

Tonight, he explores his vast catalog of “classics” – past, present and future – wrapping up Pacha’s 5-Year celebration with a tribute to all the music that gives nightclubs their reason for being.

Check out the Anniversary mini-site here:


Doors open 10pm
Table Reservations 212.209.7500

Pacha NYC
618 W.46th St.
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