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So, we've been here 5 months and we've been denied cab service a few times when dressed which is not surprising. Look at us. We expect it.

Usually they drive up get a look at us a drive away.

But last Friday after the Kenny Scharf party it was different. We had already gotten in the cab... and then the cab driver went off on us.

He told us to get out and that he wasn't taking us anywhere because "of the diseases."

I wish I would have reacted differently. I was so disgusted I got out, wanting him to drive away and be as far from us as possible.

Zazoo doing what I should have, stayed in the cab for a good 5 minutes making the biggest scene possible and telling the people after us that he was the biggest homophobic asshole we'd ever met.

I was shocked, so didn't react right at all... Next time I'm taking pictures of his license, cab number, license plate and ugly ass face.

Sorry, needed to get it out.
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I have been to TLC hearings three times regarding taxi drivers who were abusive or refused service. It's a hassle, it takes time out of you day, but if you take the time to show up, plead your case and remain cool the results are strong lessons for drivers who are creeps. I have shown up each time with a headshot of myself in drag, my experience with the cab driver written down and remained calm. Each time the drivers have lost it, screamed and ranted and raved, and 2 times the drivers were fined and suspended for 30 days. One time just suspended. Get them where it counts. Losing money for 30 days on a cash business is a great reminder. always get their name and medallion number.
First thing I do when entering any cab is look for the hack license inserted in the partition above the left shoulder of the driver. If there is none there ask about it. Second is I look at the cab number usually on the back of the front passenger side seat. If the cabbie is refusing service I flat out tell them I'm going to report it. The other scam is when they've rigged the meter to overcharge. Most trips I take I do on a fairly regular basis so I know what the meter should be reading only about three or four blocks in to the ride. Same remedy for this, I tell them I'm gonna report it. I've had drivers knock off dollars from the final tab when I tell them I know its rigged.
I've been passed over by so many drivers when (mostly under-)dressed. And plenty of times I've gotten in and the driver gets scared when he sees me close up in the back seat, which I have to kind of laugh about because then they are always in a BIG hurry to get me where I wanta go. Zazoo and Satori, you have an advantage in that there are two of you, which if you want to take it to the complaint hearing as Sweetie has done so successfully, will give you a huge advantage. And might I suggest, if you really want to fight for us all, you go to the complaint hearing fully turned out.
I've done the complaint hearing thing as well. He got fined $200 and was clearly upset by it. They generally believe you because they track his route and know he in the same place at the same time you report he was.

It is a pain in the ass to show up and you don't get any compensation yourself but it's nice to hope that it helps spread the word ion the cabbie community that this is unacceptable.

A great tactic is to threaten to call right then and there. Then start to do it on your cell.
I'm sorry you had those bad experiences from cab drivers. When younger I used to have difficulty getting a cab to stop for me, but it was probably cause I looked like a punk rather than anything else, so i never did anything about it.

Nowadays i don't have that trouble,, I guess where i now live the cab drivers are very happy to pick up anyone that doesn't look like they're gonna shoot them.

Edit, my spelling sucks
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