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Hi jonno-

Mudd was relatively undocumented, for its importance, but these photos of the "Combat Love" party and other nights are definately worth a look - and available for paid useage. They are mixed in with other clubs of the era, so you need to read captions.

Also, I closed, and will soon delete your duplicate "Stev Mass" topic here - please use the "reply" button to continue conversation here - or if you want to edit your original post, use the "card and pencil" icon right above it.

Good luck in your search, and enjoy the Mboards!
sorry about the duplicate post..wasn't sure how to alter.
Thanks for that link. We have a lot of material from Patrick McMullan but you are right, nothing from the Mudd Club.
There was an Aussie girl called MANDY MIAMI who used to organise party nights and a few fashion parades for Steve Mass at the Mudd. P.McMullan says she has images but doesn't know where she is now..anyone else heard of or know where MANDY MIAMI is ?

##on edit : fantastic link..there are some pics there from the Rock N' Roll Funeral Ball which is one of the parties Ms Miami we're getting somewhere !
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