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I thought I might start a topic about the little show that has snowballed into a monster in only 1 year. I'm happy to announce that we will be performing in London on the 18th and in Hong Kong on the 22nd. What started as a brief question "Hey Garrett would you show your ass on stage for the Jackie Christmas Show?" has now taken us around the world. All of our shows have been insane in some way. Like the private party for Bazzar magazine, or a ship of thousands of fagoons in the Caribbean. So far my favorite had to be the finale of the very last Wigstock. that was a blast. I have a feeling the show in London will be amazing, Having been there with Debbie a few times now I can tell you that she is a total legend there, she is like Elvis or the Beatles, they totally freak out.I'm putting together a little gallery of our adventures that will be up soon. Garrett is the offical Fishsticks photographer...Some of his photos are priceless.

As usual this all started at a Jackie event....enough said.

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I saw The Jazz Passengers with Debbie last night at "The Knitting Factory" They were great! I especially loved their twisted Ska / funk version of "The Tide Is High".
As much as I loved the show however, I couldn't help but think that something was missing. The musicians are brilliant, Debbie's voice is better than ever, she looks incredible...
I just kept picturing two skinny little bookmark dancers on each side of Debbie doing interpretive Isadora Duncan-esk dance moves.
Food for thought.
Around 3pm this afternoon, our cab whoosed by a hot young skinhead wearing a full-length black rubber jacket with all these pilgrim-esque metal buckles shining in the sun.

Now THAT'S London, Sweetie.

Thanks for the love and well-wishes, Mommy and Daddy. We wish you were here!

ps-- Jersey Tomato looked GORGEOUS last night on the Graham Norton show in her spiked patent-leather boots and skirt. Look for Glammy and I in the audience.

And don't even ask us about the (multiple) Jayne County appearances. Oh, God.

Love, Jersey Tomato and The Fishsticks
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Last night was amazing, packed house,sold out show(2,000 people), crazed fans. Deb sounded amazing. Total rock show, down to the stalker who jumped on stage in the middle of "Hanging on the Telephone" while Garrett and I were slam dancing around her.Security knocked him to the ground and we just kept slam dancing around them.They said in all 10 years of doing this night no one has ever done that(jumped on stage)...the power of Debravation. I stayed out with the 2 cuties we met on the Graham Norton show til' 7 am and then did the walk of shame in my Gaultier pirate outfit.

tonight we are going to watch Deb perform with the Jazz Passengers and the BBC Orchestra. Then off to H.K.

London done

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