I thought I might start a topic about the little show that has snowballed into a monster in only 1 year. I'm happy to announce that we will be performing in London on the 18th and in Hong Kong on the 22nd. What started as a brief question "Hey Garrett would you show your ass on stage for the Jackie Christmas Show?" has now taken us around the world. All of our shows have been insane in some way. Like the private party for Bazzar magazine, or a ship of thousands of fagoons in the Caribbean. So far my favorite had to be the finale of the very last Wigstock. that was a blast. I have a feeling the show in London will be amazing, Having been there with Debbie a few times now I can tell you that she is a total legend there, she is like Elvis or the Beatles, they totally freak out.I'm putting together a little gallery of our adventures that will be up soon. Garrett is the offical Fishsticks photographer...Some of his photos are priceless.

As usual this all started at a Jackie event....enough said.

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I saw The Jazz Passengers with Debbie last night at "The Knitting Factory" They were great! I especially loved their twisted Ska / funk version of "The Tide Is High".
As much as I loved the show however, I couldn't help but think that something was missing. The musicians are brilliant, Debbie's voice is better than ever, she looks incredible...
I just kept picturing two skinny little bookmark dancers on each side of Debbie doing interpretive Isadora Duncan-esk dance moves.
Food for thought.
Around 3pm this afternoon, our cab whoosed by a hot young skinhead wearing a full-length black rubber jacket with all these pilgrim-esque metal buckles shining in the sun.

Now THAT'S London, Sweetie.

Thanks for the love and well-wishes, Mommy and Daddy. We wish you were here!

ps-- Jersey Tomato looked GORGEOUS last night on the Graham Norton show in her spiked patent-leather boots and skirt. Look for Glammy and I in the audience.

And don't even ask us about the (multiple) Jayne County appearances. Oh, God.

Love, Jersey Tomato and The Fishsticks
Last night was amazing, packed house,sold out show(2,000 people), crazed fans. Deb sounded amazing. Total rock show, down to the stalker who jumped on stage in the middle of "Hanging on the Telephone" while Garrett and I were slam dancing around her.Security knocked him to the ground and we just kept slam dancing around them.They said in all 10 years of doing this night no one has ever done that(jumped on stage)...the power of Debravation. I stayed out with the 2 cuties we met on the Graham Norton show til' 7 am and then did the walk of shame in my Gaultier pirate outfit.

tonight we are going to watch Deb perform with the Jazz Passengers and the BBC Orchestra. Then off to H.K.

London done

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I hope JT does that nutty version of "Tide Is High".

Sounds like you three are having a blast. Are you going to call Jennifer Saunders Rob? You better or don't bother coming back to New York!
And Jackie, your Radical Faerie friends are OUT OF CONTROL!!!! Miss Jupiter!!! OMG!
well, we are on our way back today. it will take us 24 hours to get home but boy do we have some stories for you. Hong Kong was totally insane. We have been so busy that I had no time to post. but we have met some of the most amazing charecters on the planet....I have finally had the "Blade Runner" fantasy I have dreamed about for years. The first night I walked off the plane was like something I wished for as a teen. All the streets were wet reflecting the TONS of neon signs,I walked around with my cyberpunk outfit, black boots and black shades. stopped at a noodle shop and ate a delicious noodle soup while looking at the double decker trams go by under the huge neon chinese letters. another night Debbie and I walked in what she kept calling the "hot rain" in our full costumes from the show. we walked down the rainy street in the middle of traffic chaos and I filmed her walking into a 7Eleven and buying a disposable camera. She looked amazing in full make-up and big blond wig. We have met people like Beth, who was the first female DJ in HK during the 60's (and she will tell you that) she IS Patsy. So much more to tell , and pictures on the way so off to London then ,.....yes! NYC home. we arrive on Mon 11 am. I'm sure I'll post more in London. we have a 3 hour layover...until then

we have done this town!

love to all...

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Hey all, we made it to London, 3 hour layover and then...home.

Jade- we perform to DAT tracks. no live band.But a lot of the songs are remixes for nightclub dates.

Wait till you hear about the Hong Kong show! Bill Clinton and this water sweetie. We brought Jaiko and Viva to Hong Kong to perform with us because the venue was so huge. It was an enormous convention center built in the harbor,huge stage, 2 huge projection screens,lights....yadda yadda. The whole thing was so sick. We performed for all these super rich foreign investment suits and their skinny trophy wives. along side a bunch of Hong Kong hipsters who hustled their way in. What a weird night! But the best thing about it was we told them NOTHING about our show, not even the director. So needless to say when Garrett and I tore our suits off to reveal the ladies under-garments......I think it came as quite a surprise to some people...ha! It was so punk, they didn't know what hit them. Then I remembered later that night what Terrance Sellers told me about the men on Wall St. and how most of them are wearing ladies undies under their suits.......some of those men must have had a funny feeling inside when we just stood there in our glory being projected on 20 ft screens. Ha!The show went really well though.

There are so many stories to tell, but I think Miss Bigalow should continue. I'm fried.

but I promise to post picts from the Hong Kong show, they will be the keepers!

love to all.....can't wait to see you.
Since posting the DH and the FS gallery I've received tons of e-mails but this one killed me. Someone swiped one of my sleeves from the stage in London and we had the hardest time getting one made in Hong Kong. Now by the power of the Motherboards I have found the thieves.Check this out.......

I'm hoping this is Rob Roth's email address?!
Well, assuming it IS.... I just wanted to say Hi and tell you how much I LOVED
Deborah Harry and the Fishsticks at G-A-Y in London last month. My friend and
I were right at the front (we got crushed to the point of death but we had a
great view!!) We always see Debbie and Blondie whenever they're in the UK, but
this was definitely the wildest, most fun performance we've ever seen! If only
it were longer tho wink
You all looked like you were having a great time.
And if one of you is missing
a suit-sleeve.... sorry.... it flew towards my friend's head and so we kept
it. We saw you leave the Astoria later, but in our drunken stupor we forgot to
return it to you. And, speaking of clothing, we'd love to know where Debbie
got her corset and transparent stilletto mules from...

We love ya!!!

Katy & Helen in London x
So yes its true....Debbie and the Fishsticks brought the house down last Saturday night...I have to admit that all of us were really unsure about the event and if we should do anything , but who could say no to Patsy and Edina? Debbie looked amazing and sounded even better. She did "One Way or Another" while Garrett and I tore into each other like madmen and ripped apart our suits to reveal our shredded t-shirts that said Patsy and Edina in silver letters across them. Joanna and Jennifer were gagging, they LOVED the show . Joanna asked me after how we decided which names to wear....I said , duh! I'm the blonde and he's the redhead.

and as if that was not enough , Jennifer invited me to be in the Absolutely Fabulous shoot at Bryant Park the next day. Garrett and I arrived at the tents the next morning wondering if we would make it into a background shot but shortly after arriving we had discovered that Jennifer had made a scene just for us. We only had time for 2 takes because of the "real" fashion show that was going on at the time but it was hilarious. Lets hope it makes it in. I have to say that just hanging out with Jennifer and Joanna in full Patsy and Edina realness in the real Fashion tents of Bryant Park , making fun of the models was the greatest gift I could ask for. Two totally fabulous women!.

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The outrageous Edina and Patsy are back for a one off special on BBC ONE later this year.

Joining them are the long suffering Saffy, Mother and Bubble. The show also features special guest stars Whoopi Goldberg (as social counsellor Goldie), with Debbie Harry and Graham Norton playing themselves alongside some very familiar faces from the cat walk scene.

Patsy (Joanna Lumley) has now left her job on a glossy magazine to become a very important Creative Director and Buyer for Jeremy's, a new concept fashion store.

This gives Patsy, Fleur (Harriet Thorpe), and Catriona (Helen Lederer) the perfect opportunity to take London Fashion Week by storm. Having got a taste for flash photography, frocks and male models, Patsy sets her sights across the Atlantic and plans a trip to New York Fashion Week.

Eddie (Jennifer Saunders) meanwhile with no company left to run combines trying to find yet more new ways to lose weight with attempts to train Bubble (Jane Horrocks) as her personal PA, until Mother (June Whitfield) lets it slip that Eddie's long lost son Serge is not studying at the bottom of the ocean, but living in the party capital of America - New York.

Despite Saffy's (Julia Sawalha) best attempts to hide her brother's exact whereabouts, Eddie and Patsy set their sights on the Big Apple in search of Serge and some "bling, bling".

While the pair wreck havoc in the city that never sleeps, Bo (Mo Gaffney) and Serges father, Marshall (Christopher Ryan) are running a Christian TV show and Saffy is observing the world from inside a cupboard as she believes this will help her career as a writer.

The 2002 Ab Fab Special

Wait a minute...
They didn't mention The Fishsticks!
That is so kool that you got to meet Jennifer and Joanna! I am a huge fan of AbFab, from Alabama in the good ole USA!! Be sure and give us the scoop on the x-mas special sweetie!! And I hope you made the cut!! Oh yea, and tell Jen that she has a HUGE fan in Alabama would ya?? Cheers Sweetie!! wink

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Originally posted by glamnerd:
I'll be sure to tell Jennifer about ya! glad you found us too!!!

That's fabulous dahling!!! I absolutely love Jennifer!! She IS the greatest!!!!! I've seen a small clip from the special, and I can't wait to see the whole thing. Thank God I have a friend in Holland that is going to tape it for me and send it over early! I cannot wait until February for Comedy Central to air it in the States! I'll go crazy before that! Have a blast in England sweetie!! Can't wait to hear about it! winkCheers!!!! wink
I know you're in London with that lezzy bitch Nancy Isla so I hope you are having an OK B'day. I also know Blondie is playing tonight. I hope you don't try to force yourself on stage. It isn't a Fishstick show you know. I don't think Clem would appreciate it. (Even though Chris probably would)
And bring back lots of stories.

Last night at Cabaret Magique the world watched anxiously as too skinny "Jackie Bigalow" and the very talented "Daddy" duked it out. Fishstick "Glamnerd" looks on in horror. Bigalow insists he is looking for a...
way out.
He seems to feel the others (Glamnerd and Jersey Tomata) are holding him back. He is threatening a solo career. Mr. Bigalow could not be reached for comment. (Of course I didn't ask him for one but that's neither here nor there). Most people I've talked to think "Daddy", who was born to dance, would make a much better Fishstick. Time will tell.


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i think daddy found out i'm making the new fishsticks outfits(i know i've been sworn to secrecy)-he's trying to find out what you are wearing-so he can dress like you guys -what should i do?-i'm afraid he's going to show up at your gig dressed and take your place!!!!!
oh please, I haven't even started the Lisa Marie Presley stories. Or how we were lying by the pool with Gerri Halliwell. Or spying Priscilla Presley. Or Mickey Rourke, or Owen Wilson, Gisele, Seath Green, Beck, stripping for the cast of "That 70's Show" ,meeting Justin Timberlake, being slammed into the wall by Demi Moore...

oh did I mention the 80-degree weather?

oops , now Im being a cunt...
DH --- article in UK telegraph newspaper heralding Ms Harry as the Queen of all CARS (!?) Her legend goes on... while Madonnas slides turd like..further down the pan...........read on....

Car culture: A feast fit for the man from Mars
(Filed: 05/04/2003)

The Subaru Forester might be an ugly beast that breaks all the rules, but it is also among the best cars in the world, says Stephen Bayley

Blondie's great album, Autoamerican, was recorded at Hollywood's United Western Studios in 1980. One particular track deserves at least two footnotes in the history of popular culture: Rapture (track two, side two) was the first time, at least so far as I am aware, that ghetto rap was assimilated into the mainstream of shiny, professionalised white pop rock.

Queen of pop: Debbie Harry on The Old Grey Whistle Test
More interestingly, the brilliant but possibly drug-addled Deborah Harry/Chris Stein lyrics introduce a singular Japanese car into popular iconography. Ms Harry is rapping away that a man from Mars has just eaten your head when she continues:

"And then you're in the man from Mars,
You go out at night
eatin' cars,
You eat Cadillacs,
Lincolns too,
Mercurys and Subarus..."

This interesting reference is significant in the history of Subaru's acceptance into consumer consciousness. What Ms Harry did for rap, musicologically speaking, she also did for Subaru of America Inc, commercially. With Blondie, Subaru became part of the American landscape. This was a project that the most idiosyncratic of Japanese companies (Fuji Heavy Industries is majority shareholder) had been working on for some time, interestingly aided by an unusual business practice.

At the time Blondie were recording Autoamerican, Subaru was the only publicly quoted car company trading in the United States without any manufacturing activity there. Inevitably, this had a dramatic effect on the balance sheet: economically speaking, Subaru of America was exceptionally liquid, a happy position made even more delightful because the company had only to finance its inventory while in transit from Japan, a journey customarily between 10 and 30 days. To say this financial strength contributed to the bravery, even recklessness, of Subaru's product mix would be tendentious. What is certain is that Subarus are seriously strange products. For instance, only half the Debbie Harry era Subarus were four-wheel drive (an amazing figure in those days), but now they all are. It's a sector that Subaru dominates across the world..... (and so it goes www.telegraph.co.uk)
Thank Goddess DH carries on. My major inspiration as much today as when I was 16:

"I'm an awkward, disconnected sixteen-year-old growing up in white flight suburban Long Island, longing to get out. A Blondie track releases that spring- "Call Me". It's the theme song to American Gigolo. I didn't know what she meant by "Color me your color baby/ Color me your car"...I had no real idea of what a gigolo was, and I still haven't seen the movie to this day- but from the moment I heard that track I wanted to move to New York City and come up off your color chart.
Speaking of Mother Kitty Boots...
Her House Of Domination (aka House Of Blondes) was in full effect last night to see their sister Debravation Domination.

The Empress Temptation Domination (aka Chi Chi), Cup Cake Domination (aka Miss Lauren), Satan Domination (aka S'tan) and Marti Domination (aka Miss Horse).
(Not in the picture was the stunning Jessica Rabbit Domination).


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