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Got to see her when she was touring with John Paul Jones. Of course, most of the other concergoers were there to hear "Stairway to Heaven." During a pause between songs and in total darkness I had the following exchange:

ME [screaming at stage]: DIAMANDA!!!

SHE [after a studied pause]: Yeah, baby?


SHE [after a longer pause]: Thank you, baby.

Rumor has it that one of her forthcoming albums in Insekta, which she performs in a cage suspended from the ceiling.

That's showmanship.

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Saturday night 2/15. I've got my tix. Anyone here going?

From the knitting factory site:
Hell's favorite angel will rip your heart out as she wails songs of shattered love, blinding obsession and howling melancholy. With the power of a mac truck and delicacy of a broken martini glass, the ever-loving Diamanda Galas will shred classic Valentine's fare with her own Baby's Insane, Tony and Your'e Mine, Hank Williams' I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, Tracy Nelson's Down So Low, Ornette Coleman's Lonely Woman, John Lee Hooker's Burning Hell, Little Milton's Losing Hand, O.V. Wright's Eight Men and Four Women, Screaming Jay Hawkin's Frenzy and I Put A Spell on You, and Timi Yuro's Time..... Diamanda will share her "bad vibe" love hangovers on Feb 15 at the Knitting Factory for two shows only: 8pm & 10pm.
The first time I saw Diamanda was at Lincoln Center performing Insekta. I was totally freaked out, (in a good way) and when she actually started coming out of the cage......My first thought was "Ahhhh, run! She's loose!" Then another time I saw her at Joe's Pub and at one point in the show, her face morphed into someone else for about 2 seconds, I swear she conjures up demons or ghosts. She was totally possessed.

Absolute Goddess! love her to death.
She didn't fail to amaze, of course, performing all of the numbers listed above in true Valentine's Day massacre style. One new addition (i think) to her repertoire was Interlude, a ballad sung most famously by Morrissey and Siouxsie (an ill-advised duet, in my opinion). But Diamanda proved the song's beauty with a far superior rendition, her single voice with its incredible range doing both the low and high female/male parts. "Time, is like a dream..."
yes, from what i understand, Diamanda's one of the very few singers in the world who can hit such glass-shattering octaves(& range).

the only album i have of hers is "The Singer"...i was purely freaked!!
her cover of the late "Screamin'" Jay Hawkins' "I Put A Spell On You" sent shivers up & down my spine..
...not to mention other goodies on there like, "Judgement Day", "Were You There When They Crucified My Lord", & Balm In Gilead/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot".

..who'd of thunk negro spirituals would sound so gothically twisted....yet deeply melodic at the same time?!?

she's DEFINATELY not MTV material - & i love her for that. Big Grin

i've never had the pleasure of experiencing her live, but a friend of mine did & equated it to a "female G.G. Allen show" - if one can fathom such a thing. Eek

...& look at the bitch NOW!
"Wigstock:The Movie"
Her black mass tribute to the Aids departed at Saint John's Cathedral was one of the most extraordinary live performances I've ever witnessed even surpassing Led Zepplin at NY Pavilion Flushing Meadows World's Fair. The acoustics and spatial setting amplified the experience ten fold sending you right to the upper stratospheres of sensory extremes. Still regretting misssing the Lincoln Center "Insecta"

your highness... it has been a while... I hope you are well

I always wanted to obtain some of Diamandas work, but it just never happened...but I have the feeling that her true strength is in her live shows... I do admire the passion/spirit that comes across from what I have heard...

question...if you had to describe her in one sentence to someone who never knew of her what would you say?


feed the fire of your desire...
A benefit for the Pug Rescue Foundation in memory of Katie Gustern, featuring the students of vocal coach Barbara Maier (Gustern), including Joe's Pub favorites Diamanda Galas, Heather Greene, Deborah Harry, New York Blues Devils, Lucia Pulido, Tammy Faye Starlite, Roseanna Vitro, Sanda Weigl and other surprises. The Pug Rescure Society is dedicated to furnishing medical care an adoption or foster homes for all pugs. 6:30pm, $30


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