Thanks Chi Chi, Thanks Hattie
Its a Granite/Goneaway combo original! I wanted to be green and leafy this year. I tried to keep away from the black/dark look, this winter was horrible for me, so I didn't want to bring that energy out again! Growth and prosperity!

And Texx with his spirit chicken didn't hurt! That brought out the right WooWoo!
unfortunately the spirit chicken has gone missing.

she disappeared on beltane only to be found
tied to the maypole several days later.
(that nasty, naughty chicken!)
i think i put her in the big box of drag
that i sent ahead of myself to san fran.
i didn't want a repeat of the incident that
happened on the way to tennessee when said box
flew off the top of my car on the interstate
spewing wigs, pumps and falsies across the highway.

don't worry... we got it all back.
Fab pics.

Love that coat that Granite is wearing.
He's a genius.
Didn't Granite make Justin's cape that she wore at "Stevie".

And Pinto looks so good in his "day job corporate look".
I could easily see him doing coke and trading stocks on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange with all the other drug addicts... I mean investors.
it was wet. it was wild.
but the lucky ones (me, musqrat, glammie,
ms. bond, jeff whitty, and others...)
had indoor accomodations at my old house.
we were VERY comfortable and dry.

and what a fabulous crew at that house...
our daily coffee ki-ki's were HILARIOUS.
it was so fierce, in fact, that two faeries
tried to spend one rainy night in no less
than THREE different beds.
they got the chop.
here I am passed out on the couch. But the time to see the Temple is at night when its lit by gaslamps and candles, that is my favorite thing to come home to....


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Can we please talk about Rosette Royale??? She was over the top! Here she is as the center square below me during the Knollywood Squares show. LOL!!!


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rosette hasn't been to beltane at sms in YEARS!
one of my original favorites from my early days,
and DEFINITELY a mentor/elder/priestess...
she touches spirit through humor.

glammie... the temple...
i was kinda blown away by the group there this year.
we have SUCH a history together now.

weed rose weed

after a quick nap in the temple,
"snap'click'n'dragon" (center)
felt fresh and ready to play
with karis (l.) and cindy!!

Yes , I really feel like I'm home when I arrive through those doors. It was so great to see you and Musqrat! Early AM coffee ki ki's are some of the best moments. Spitting Coffee indeed!!
yes, daddy... it is.
and you should be.

i tried to find some pics
that would give you an idea
of the whole layout
but without being there
to take you on the virtual tour myself,
it falls kinda flat.

it's a stunning three story cabin
that was all built by the people
who lived in it with assistance
from our friends and neighbors.
you'll just have to come see for yourselves, sometime...

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