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Just thought I'd start a topic for the Faeries who just returned from the gathering at Short Mountain. Got back on Saturday and have to say that it was the most incredible trip. Even with only 4 hours of sunlight the whole week due to heavy rain and clouds, I had a blast.

I just wanted to thank all the pioneers at SMS for welcoming me and offering such a beautful experience to the world. Talk about being down with the brown! eek
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I am sorry this post is a long and scattered but since it is fresh in my mind everything came out all at once. My tenses are screwey, and my spelling is a bit off, so patience please...

Hey Mom,
You would have loved it all! I am by no means a camper, and I dealt with it just fine. I was afraid it would be 200 homos huddled around a habachi (sp?) cooking an eggplant, but they have the system DOWN! Meals are regular 3 times a day. People are asked to participate any way they feel comfortable-either preparing or cleanup- but no pressure. There is a gorgeous ceremony the night before Beltane where they chop down last year's maypole and then burn it to the sounds of a drumming circle. People become truly possessed and dance around (some naked, some not) in celebration. Because of the non-stop rain this year it made the bonfires a bit less frenzied than usual (so I was told). But they were beautiful nonetheless. Coincidentally, one of the only moments where the sun shone for a long period of time was on May 1st when they raised the new pole and were blessing it, at which point everyone began screamin and cheering and then at the close of the ceremony we all just hugged and danced around and fed each other fresh fruit that was being passed around on these large hollowed out shavings from the may pole. I know this may all sound ludicrous to some, but to feel the energy circulating around the maypole at that moment was brilliant. This is the kind of thing I would ridicule for days, but having been a part of it is truly humbling and really made me feel small compared to the elements. For example, at last years Beltane, the moment the maypole was raised, the sky turned black and with one clap of thunder and a flash of lightning a torrential downpour began. If that doesn't say something about the past year then someone please offer a better explanation.
Throughout the week they have different activities which you can go to, like drag badminton, a no-talent contest, a drag show, a cotillion, the crowning of the Csarina (amid whispers of a coup)- some fun and some goofy stuff. The freedom to express yourself in any way you see fit is overwhelming.
And talk about Tony-hounds!!!
Before each meal the would have a circle where people could just make announcements about the days events or requests. Sometimes, the circle in the afternoon was more of a "share how you feel" situation. All circles were regulated with a talking stick. Seriously. Sometimes people said really moving things and sometimes....not. But to lay in a hammock and just listen to people reflect on their experiences at the Short Mountain Sanctuary was very moving.
And at the end of the week was the Kool Aid party. I must confess that a lot of my time on the mountain was taken up by thinking about this party because Hush had asked me to dj at it. I had never been to SMS before; no one really knew me except for a handful of NY faeries who were there; and they already have several amazing dj family members who usually play at events there. While I felt that everyone else was expressing themselves and contributing to the gathering I still felt like I was holding back, like the only way I was going to be able to share with everyone what it meant for me to be there and how much I cherished the experience was by laying the soundtrack for their journey that night. There had also been quite a bit of talk about the party so there was a bit of "prove yourself" pressure on top of it all. But most of all I was just nervous that I couldn't rise to the occasion. How wrong I was! I am not saying this to merely toot my own horn because I swear I was merely channeling what was being fed to me by those people.
First of all the party was held in this outside pavillion which glamnerd, Rain, Tex, and several others set up during the day. There were tie-dyed sheets (naturally), xmas lights shining through the wooden plank floor, and beautiful video by glammy. The party began at 9:30 with Justin Bond saying a prayer- basically saying that we were rejoicing the fifth element, the spirit, and that we were in a safety zone and there were plenty of lifeguards around so if you felt like you were in danger to just call out for help. After a brief moment of chanting of "I Aint Going Down To The Well No More", I played "Welcome To The Pleasure Dome". As I'm sure you know Mommy, it begins with a spoken word bit that ends "I am no longer an artist. I have become a work of art...welcome to the Pleasuredome." JC and gorgeous! At that moment the music started and glam's video went on, the lighting effects came on and people cheered. I took those people to another dimension for 8 hours. The amount of energy, love and respect in that pavillion was almost too much to handle. I felt like I was literally telling each and every person how beautiful they are and that for that one night everything in the universe was alright. No body freaked out, no body got hurt, no drama ensued. It was unbelievable. I only hope I am able to participate in something that inspiring again.
One of the phrases that was repeated throughout the week was "Welcome home." I can still hear it ringing in my ears.
Saturday we came back to New York.
Remember too that last years may pole was forked into 2 points at the top....very eerie.

It was so great to see someone experience Beltane for the first time. I know last year was just as magical for me. It truly is a recharge for me, creatively, spiritually and physically. I was told by someone last year that you get something different every year. I can see it now. This year was just as beautiful, strange, carefree, emotional, relaxing, exhausting, scary, stupid, and profound as last year but in a completely different way.

The party Friday was without a doubt magic. It reminded me why I do what I do. After feeling really frustrated about certain things in my life and here in NYC, I had the chance to feel that satisfaction that only comes from a pure creative collaboration and synergy. I was reminded on Fri of how psychically connected I am to the close tribe I have surrounded myself with. I had not had a chance to really speak with Sammy or Justin about how we were going to start the party, I was told a few things by Hush and then the next thing I knew we were beginning. Everyone dropped some pez entered the pavilion and sat on the floor. I just let the connection take over. I had changed the video on instinct. The opening of the party was perfect. Justin spoke from his soul. Sammy started the audio and I just flicked the projector switch purely on feeling and there was *BOB* in slow motion guiding all around to the beginning of their trip as the words "Welcome to the pleasuredome" echoed through the woods. People were mesmerized. Sammy was never so on as he was that night , I think it is the moment he found something . It was a marvel to see. But that's what happens at Short Mountain.

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There's so much to share, which will come in time, but a quick note on DJ Sammy Jo planting seeds for a Universal harvest-- who knew he was such a skilled gardener:

Pickles managed to filter "Edge of Seventeen" through his speakers in the very early morning hours, perhaps precisely one week before The Battle of A Thousand Stevies. That moment still pulses through me as I prepare for Friday night.

He and Rob electronically channeled so many of our faerie friends into that party-- we welcomed BOB, Le Tigre, Theo. And when our Jersey Tomato sang "Atomic", we danced for the Universe, as invoked by Justin Buick Skylark FABbreeze.

So many of us are traveling in the upcoming months to bring our celebrations around the world. Through venues such as this Cyberclub, we expand our song into the Universe.

"The whole world is watching us now. We must be nothing less than fabulous."
--Grant Morrison (via Emma Frost in "New X-Men")

Goddess Time, indeed.

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One of the many other memorable moments was the night we all witnessed the sacrifice of Justin's original Kiki dress. It was a cinematographer's wet dream. It was a dark and rainy night; we (Pickles, Granite, Garrett, Denise and Francis, Goneaway, Scooter) went all the way out to memorial ridge for the beginning of the ritual. All of us crouched down in a circle with black umbrellas, granite created a ceremonial circle of rocks and candles. We all tried to keep the candles lit as Granite read some beautiful words and burned pictures, as he did the skies started to crash with lightning and thunder, the skies opened up and it began to pour. All of us walked in two's single file down the dirt path in the pitch dark woods, while every few seconds a violent lightning flash would light up the entire forest and reveal all the black umbrellas in a row. I have never seen an image that haunting captured in a movie. We continued to the main fire circle that was still going strong in the middle of the storm and Justin threw the dress into the blaze. As it went up in flames you could smell the strong scent of cheap perfume in the smoke. I walked back to the main house but stopped for a moment to look behind me. The barn was completely backlit from the fire circle and an orange hue was surrounding it while enormous flashes of lightning lit up the entire area every so often (cinematographers wet dream again). I pulled the umbrella from over my head and just let the rain pour over me for a minute and then continued to the kitchen to sip warm coconut milk with a handsome faerie... wink

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Im here in the middle of a render wander at work and I was thinking of a funny thing that reminded me of Empress, (one of the several times i thought of her on the mountain) .

Pinky, who is one of the most MAJOR and elder faeries (who I had the honor to hold hands with during the lifting of the May pole). was in the kitchen very late one night, I was about to take the long haul back to my tent but thought I would stop in the kitchen and get a snack for the way. When i arrived to my surprise someone was playing Madonna's "Ray of Light". I started to chuckle and think of Chi when who comes shuffling over but Pinky ...."Is this Madonna?" he asks me with a look like he smelled something rank. "yes , Im afraid it is" I reply. "Ugh!, can't she get a job" he exclamed while looking at me with is bugged out eyes, "I'm so sick of supporting her" he concluded. "I know someone who you would love" I replied .....I smiled and walked home in the pitch dark (I forgot my flashlight) eating the most delicious apple while thinking of Empress.
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so i'm back on the boards now. hel-LO!!
but there's so much to say that i can't go there right now. i'm 'spected at the faerie psychic fair that started an hour ago.
know this... cheez whiz could VERY well be a short mt. reunion tonight. legends will abound.
i want to be the first on the moe boe's to invoke this name...

or, a day late and several dollars short.

okay, if any more time goes by without me throwing in some stories here i'll have forgotten. so here goes...

i arrived over two weeks early. i REALLY loved being there with fewer people, plugging in to the bigger pre-gathering projects - cleaning out the goat boutique, building pavillion benches - and the other stuff that just seems impossible during the frenzy of the fete. i even endured a seven day fast drinking nothing but water and a lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper concoction. it was time well spent. (but FUCK was i hungry!)

favorite moments from the gathering itself...
driving the two ton red flatbed truck to the nashville airport to bring back all the luggage from that days arrivals and two of my new york sisters - nancy isla and jackie bigalow. feelin' super cuntry realness in my leopard cowboy hat. i like to think that it was a perfect way to walk nancy in for her virgin visit.

anytime a party happened on the pavillion i felt Magic present. may eve, may day, may 3... all of it. but it was on may day itself that i really had some divine revelations. (DISCLAIMER... i really thought i was "beyond" this sort of thing. that i had somehow seen it all. that these gatherings were nothing but a bunch of nekkid men on drugs in the woods. i'm so glad that i was reminded of the "other stuff.") i realized how much i loved life on the mountain, how much people there loved me, and that the reasons i had been giving myself for not settling there were pretty much bullshit. i mean, there i was with pinto and another cutie doing silly yoga poses on a quilt under the stars by the maypole still a lil' bit high from the days "festivities." why would i ever wanna leave? and so it was then and there that the thought of staying really started to take hold.

the most Magical though was saturday mornings "cunty calisthenics" led by miss jupiter. it started out with just jupiter leading tangle (a registered motherboarder!) in some improvisational movement. she was drawing from yoga, tai chi, qi gong, butoh, and harlem drag balls and more. then someone else joined. then someone else. and someone else. all to a dreamy ambient soundtrack in the early morning mist and light. when there would be six of us (that seemed to be the magic number) moving together in a circle some really intense energy was present. i felt as if we were opening an interdimensional portal. and i'd say some intense healing work was happening for at least one person involved. (again, this is one of those things that i woulda poo-poohed not even a month ago.) truly incredible stuff. and i wanna give credit for it to jupiter for channeling and especially to tangle for showing me what happens when people work together... not judging themselves or each other... just cooperating and making it happen.

okay, that's all for now. the gathering is still going if you ask me. it's just moved locations... from tennessee to vegas and now new york. my suggestion to any of you who've missed it along the way?? PLUG IN NOW!!!
Ulysses darling, you do amaze me. You are so quiet but the minute someone actually needs you, you appear. I wish I could teach a few others that trick, LOL. And yes, you would totally get and love the RFs, specially the techno-pagans in their midst.

And glammie, I finally got to catch up in this topic today and was howling over the story of Pinky and Belzie. Are you absolutely sure we're not the same person?
yes it all good .....lots of magic to take it all in in ine visit....i have gone several times for the past 10 years i think. some people go to be total freaks , some go to work...sucky sucky....and some go to give magic... thats me. i love doing hair when i'm there because it does add to the visit ...i get to do what ever i want to you....witch is a hairdressers dream. and time to stop and smell the flowers ....i'm even talking about buying land down there....we will see. i was thinking about building a home that will be a three level home in the shape of a human mirrored head sticking out of the ground....hmmmmm? everyone must go down for beltaine....may1....fell the magic baby .
in spite of some STANKy rumor that i'm in tenn.
i'm not.

hi gays!! i miss you!!

i'm on a fucking library computer with less than 6 minutes left to write you...
from index, wa.
if only i could tell you why.
but alas, these things aren't trustworthy.
(back me up on that, mommy!)

back in new york in november MAYBE!
back at the mountain in nov. DEFINITELY!

i wish i had time to catch up on all the dish and find out who i should be hating but there's evergreen trees and snow capped mountains that i must rush off to stare at.

my email still works, ya know.
love you. miss you. mean it.

- gobs
Got back yesterday from the FG (Bah!). Was totally amazing. SO different from Beltaine but so nice, too. Texxx, I was shouting your name on Friday night, could ya hear? I can't wait to tell you about me, Jackie Bigalow, Boo, and Whosentya Fabreze's exploits. I will say right now that Jackie Bigalow is doing horribly. She not only looks like shit, but she smells like it too. The last time I saw her she had suctioned herself onto someone calling himself Cumdumpster (obviously Jizzbucket had already been taken). I'm quite worried that the fresh air and vegetarian diet have increased her taste for crystal and poppers. Oh poor Jackie! But enough about her, here's how the rest of the gathering went...oh wait, there goes my phone...guess I'll have to tell you later, Texxx!
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Taking a break from a render, I was laughing again about our little excursion to Jackie Bigalows Bungalow last Saturday night at Short Mountain , Tenn. All 7 of us (me, Justin, Pickels, Goneaway, Jackie, Pinto, Cum Dumpster) were taking the "20" minute "walk" to Jackies house in the woods. In the pitch dark walking,or shall I say , sliding up and down the muddy , rocky , hills. Finally ending up 35? minutes the house , it was really fun hanging out in the middle of nowhere drinking red wine and listening to music (including Debbie and Theo) with all my friends, but getting there was hilarious . I can still hear Justin screaming in his Kiki voice "this hill's killing me" and then there was the "fat shadow" that had mysticly attached itself to me. Someone has to film this stuff one day, its just too good.
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I'm proud to announce that Jackie Bigalow has just become the newest member of the Woodbury, TN Public Library, and was told in no uncertain terms by the librarian that she was absolutely not allowed to look at porn while using this computer. With her 1987 German Skinhead hair and sleeveless Glamour Goblins shirt, bright green pants and yellow shoes, I just don't know why they would even think they had to tell her that.

So things down here are pretty magical-- I get to bathe at least once a week, I just had a delicious and nutritious cheeseburger at Sonicburger (btw, Glamnerd-- Tracy was fired for wearing the 69 cap from Bacon 'n' Biscuits in Murfreesboro, not Sonicburger in Woodbury-- she worked exclusively with the cola and milkshake machines), and I'm currently doing my laundry so I don't have to wear the same socks that I've had on since you kids left).

My book had been coming along relatively smoothly until our dear friend Granite knocked my laptop onto the floor, so now I have to take it to the nearest computer store 2 hours away in Nashville and pay them $85 (minimum) to spend three business days fixing it. In the meantime, I'm playing a fierce round of Scrabble games with my neighbor Willie. And I just cleaned out my shitter.

This is the closing weekend of the Woodbury Community Players' smash production of "Carousel", so 18 of us faeries made reservations for tonight. "When you walk through the storm, hold your head up high and don't be afraid of the dark". I'll have to keep this song in my head as I do my nightly walk home through the woods in the pouring rain which Glamnerd described above. I

It was so special having ya'll up at my house the other night-- as I sit alone writing at the kitchen table, I play Nora Jones and remember you fondlely, I mean fondly.

As soon as I get my computer back, I'll continue writing my book just as fast as my little fingers can type so that I can come back home and brunch with all you goons again.

But today is a beautiful autumn day, and I'm enjoying every clean breath of it while I can.

I miss most of you!

Much love to you all,
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i miss most of you too, jackie!

sick to have missed the gathering.
i wanna hear more about it all when we're sittin' at ciao for now.

and daddy, you have someone's pic on sabrina's b-day page labeled "pinto." i don't think it's him.

this faerie's in portland... on my way to wolf creek for their halloween (actually samhain) gathering. with harry hay's recent death it should be major. a whole lotta ritualizin' goin' down.

the veil is thin, my darlings. take care.
oh my goddess gracious.
what a bunch of j.c. witchy-poo wannabes.
passed around sacramental tea and then sat by the fire singing tired ol' rainbow gathering pagan chants and cryin' over and talking about all the queens who had "passed over" in the past year or couldn't be with us for whatever reason.
i was like... you freaks spend so much goddamn time tryin' to talk to people who ain't here you miss out on havin' a good time with the ones who is.
one hardcore sister and i stayed up well past sunrise and some hippie comes wanderin' back to the fire and says, "i hear there was a party here last night." without missing a beat my girl sez, "it wasn't no party. it was church."
who's idea of fun on halloween is vying for position around a fire in order to keep from freezing to death while a bunch of people go thru processing that would make a lesbian blush???
horrible. absolutely horrible.
i wish i had been in new york with you guys or portland with my burning crew or any goddamn place other than wolf creek, oregon.
the moral of the story:
a samhain ritual ain't no halloween party.
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I knew it was gonna be good when (faiery hag) Page walked through the door with those same antliers on her head from New Orleans last year. "Someone" was so glad to see her so she could pay her back for the joint (last Halloween). DJ Pickles had the upstair in a twitter while I blew out the speakers in the basement. Fun. Pinto was there lookin' good. (by the way, that is him in that photo) I asked who he came with and he said he came alone. I told him that in that case he was mine. He said "OK" and I never saw him again. Pulled a runner.
No comments from you either Isla!
The only thing missing was Jackie "get the sling" Bigalow.
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I'm back Y'all

Beltaine goes down as one of the most beautiful on record. Hush agrees, it was one of the most stunning. More sun then you could ask for, almost too much at times. I love that day. This year there was no DJ set up , it was decided to just use drums and no electronics. I must say that it made everything clearer somehow. Every year I am amazed at the spectacle that is created.The magic that can be evoked. After all the ribbons had been twisted around the pole and the drums were in a frenzy, everyone started dancing as the skys began to thunder and the wind blew hard through the mountain carring all our screams, howls and laughter.Then came the rain. As epic as it gets. My drag was somewhere between a Playboy bunny cocktail waitress, a goth boy and a red carpet Oscar nominee. The next night some cute bearded faerie came up to me and said.."You looked so great yesterday, I kept picturing you leaving Beltain , getting into a black stretch limo by yourself, opening a bottle of champagne and sighing , Ugh!" ...I replied "Am I that transparent?" One of my favorite moments was me in my black sequin spagetti strap gown and black sequin bunny ears running, or should I say "rolling" (wink, wink) with Hush through the woods lugging 2 huge blue tarps over our heads in the rain trying to get to my tent and cover it. If only someone had filmed that retarded scenario.HA!

I must admit that the next day was quite hard because I really started missing my NY posse. After 2 days in my tent I moved into our friend Granets house all alone. I was thinking about the gang and how much I wanted them to be there. This is the house I have spent many wonderful moments with all of them. I remembered Justin taking care of me after our "bad browine" incident, Coffee talks every morning, the puppet show, all the dressing up in various drag from the Goat Boutique, Tarot readings...the list goes on. I was remembering how much I love them. It is so magical staying in a house that is only lit by kerosene lamps and candles. I was thinking of Miss Bigalow and her long stay at the mountain this past year and how nice it must have been. But it was great seeing Tex , Hush, Kier, Gabby, Pinkey, Junebug, and all the rest. Everyone there is doing well , The Temple is looking amazing! Tex Hush and Kier have done wonders with it. The party on Fri night was amazing as usual. I really prefer it in the Temple rathar than the Pavillion. I kissed a few cuties, danced a good mile, slept like a rock and learned a few lessons about myself. So glad I went....

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started planting new shrubs and trees the morning of beltane/ new moon - Happy to report that the azaleas, river birch, uonymous, yew trees and the arbor vitae are all taking root fabulously! I suspected they would after turning the soil revealed hundreds of earthworms. One of these days Barbee Villa wil be ready to throw a displaced faerie ball the likes of which jersey has never seen. be afraid - be very afraid!
Located on Short Mountain Tenn. in a pre-civil war Barn, The Goat Boutique is the mountains most exclusive shopping experience. Getting its name from the adjacency to the lovely Goat pen and all its noisy inhabitance, the Goat Boutique is open 24 hours a day. Once entering the lavish 3"x 3" hole in the wall one is overwelmed with the vast collections of couture from around the world. Walking through the straw carpet one can't help pulling out house dresses from NJ, tutu's from high school recitals, and what might be a sweater or a macrame pot holder. Scattered under the golden hay are Shoe's in sizes 16 and up. On floor two (if you can make it up the ladder) is more gold lame, sequined denim and possible things to wear as hats. Oh my is that a wig? Really, I'm serious...IS that a wig?? The choices are endless.

So come down soon. The Goat Boutique is having its after gathering sale. It's going on right now with all the left over mud (I hope it's mud) covered couture going cheap.
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totally, thats what it's all about. There have been a few Jackie costume's left there by yours truly over the years. They go very quickly. In fact , this year it was really picked over by the time I got there, but I've been told that after gatherings is the best because everyone throws their drag in to avoid taking it all back with them.
Yeah, Glammy, it seemed that Tracy only showed up for one day to make her star appearance at the No-Talent Show. What a diva.

There are so many moments to speak of, but this year I've got to give my props to Miss Nature. She was serving up some kind of serenity sandwich with mayo & mystery on a chaos bun.

Last years Beltaine Eve seemed to be about endurance --Antler and I standing in front of an everlasting fire while being cleansed by an endless pelting of gigantic rain drops, stripping off our soaked clothes, climbing into the earth's muddy, sore hole from where her previous year's may-pole had been ripped, and pissing on each other's bodies underneath a sky of lightning. I guess some shit needed to be worked out. This year it was a surprise to find myself sitting in front of the fire on dry earth having visions of warm desert expanses; dreaming easily next to my soul sister, Goblin; trancing and dancing with the magi Angelo and Malaki; and sharing the amazement and shock of faerie-land with Glammy.

Not that I'm obsessed with holes, but this year's may-pole hole?... rather than receiving such a harsh baptism-like douche of torrential rain, she was able to rest on the dry, grassy knoll encircled with candles, alters, and lounging faeries all soothing her sorrow from the loss of last years prick and arousing her with the foreplay for tomorrow's young stud. Easy, breezy, warm and loungy, and oh-so sexy in that Barry White, makin' love kinda way.

Now, Momma Nature ain't chincy--you won't find her serving up serenity without all the proper condiments. This year's side dishes started with an earthquake and ended with a tornado-hail storm. The morning Goblin drove me in @ 5:30am, a fucking earthquake hit Short Mountain. A fault line that had been dormant for ages woke up that morning to welcome us all home. Timing, Momma... you're all about timing. On my last night in Faerie land I was at the Kitchen getting baked and baking midnight cookies with Goblin when the most amazing lightning storm of my life broke out. We sat on the porch for an hour and a half watching the thunderclouds traverse the Tennessee hills, battling each other with endless bolts of lightning. I'm telling you there was not a moment of darkness for an hour and a half-- constant bolts of lightning appearing in the most bizarre and prophetic patterns, from cloud to cloud, from cloud to ground. Then the clouds started moving our way, the winds started blowing, the trees started bending sideways, the lightning came so close, and the thunder cracked so loud-- we ran in just before the sky opened up with rain. Moments after came the hail: solid ice the size of cat's-eye marbles pounded the earth. It was so hard on the roof, you thought it was going to bust-- so loud we all started yelling. Everyone in the cabin woke up and started running around naked, looking out every window that gave a different view. It only took a couple of minutes to be able to scoop up handfuls of ice-balls in both hands. The ground was covered. It wasn't until I hit the airport the next day that I heard the reports that there were too many tornados to count bouncing all over the South. ...alright Momma N., we get it. Actually, no... I don't get it at all, but it marked the most beautiful spectacle I have ever seen. Funny, Goblin, how you were by my side for all three of these events.

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you still think it's funny - huh, tangle??

truly the best one in my experience.
both JB's and the one and only pickles were all missed.
but i was just so glad to have my lil' boo there with me.

now that i have a house... off-gathering time sho' is sweet. cum check it out.

i love you guys!! i love you being down home with me!!

y'all cum back now... y'hear??
hi!! remember me??

just wanted to letcha'll know i'm off to texas for a lil' bit. my grandma sage is in her last weeks and i want some time with her while she's still alert and alive.

also, saw *bob* and dirty martini in nashvegas last weekend. they stole the show! such pros!! the nashvillains were standing and screaming at the end of their numbers. so proud of my girlfriends!!

things are swell on the mountain. but i need a break. so... here i go on the road again.

hope all is well in new york.
Just wrote my ticket to Beltaine @ Short Mountain in Tennessee. This is a first for me, but from what I've read so far from the boards I'll find my "place" (and maybe my faerie name). Anyhoo, now I'm shopping for those things to protect me at night from the many earthquakes, cats-eyeball hail storms, tornados, tsunamis, and sudden strikes of lightning. But seriously, my own personal energy for this gathering has begun to flow and I am truly going with an open mind and hope to fill it up with all that "good stuff". Blessed be,
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Favorite moments....

The Cotillion in the pavilion - ballroom dancing under the moon with Dax. hearing the sounds of the 20's and 30's echoing through the woods.

Impromptu dance with Agnes in the kitchen - Most unexpected!

Beltane - lying on the grass drinking Tex's home made ginger champagne under the blazing sun. Perfection!

New York Dinner - Channeling Kitty Boots as the door bitch. Actually having to deal with a "real" emergency door situation at one point (thanks to Tangle).

Party at the Temple - Sammy Jo turning it out. and us looking like twins.

and last but not least.......Vega!! Wink
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Its my pleasure to announce the first installments of the A Faerie Home Companion - a podcast from Faerie Camp Destiny in Southern VT... Part fundraiser, part radio show and part - ok half retarded! Please let us know how you like it... Our goal is to spring some o' that sweet fae fireside experience out into the world...

Episode 2: A Holiday Spectacular


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Thanks Chi Chi, Thanks Hattie
Its a Granite/Goneaway combo original! I wanted to be green and leafy this year. I tried to keep away from the black/dark look, this winter was horrible for me, so I didn't want to bring that energy out again! Growth and prosperity!

And Texx with his spirit chicken didn't hurt! That brought out the right WooWoo!
unfortunately the spirit chicken has gone missing.

she disappeared on beltane only to be found
tied to the maypole several days later.
(that nasty, naughty chicken!)
i think i put her in the big box of drag
that i sent ahead of myself to san fran.
i didn't want a repeat of the incident that
happened on the way to tennessee when said box
flew off the top of my car on the interstate
spewing wigs, pumps and falsies across the highway.

don't worry... we got it all back.
Fab pics.

Love that coat that Granite is wearing.
He's a genius.
Didn't Granite make Justin's cape that she wore at "Stevie".

And Pinto looks so good in his "day job corporate look".
I could easily see him doing coke and trading stocks on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange with all the other drug addicts... I mean investors.
it was wet. it was wild.
but the lucky ones (me, musqrat, glammie,
ms. bond, jeff whitty, and others...)
had indoor accomodations at my old house.
we were VERY comfortable and dry.

and what a fabulous crew at that house...
our daily coffee ki-ki's were HILARIOUS.
it was so fierce, in fact, that two faeries
tried to spend one rainy night in no less
than THREE different beds.
they got the chop.

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