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Well, we NYC clubgoers have been given such a treat the past couple of weeks because DJ Sveta has been in town and playing sets all over downtown. She turned it at Mr Black last friday and at China 1 last night. She even had them gagging at David Barton gym. She was such a delight to have around and I hope she'll return in the fall for a longer stay because she's a rare breed of dj who is both fierce yet humble. Anyway, I just thought she deserved a Hoplessly Devoted topic. Anyone care to add...
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You are right on the money Nancy.
Sveta is a monster talent.
She turned me the **** out last night at China 1. I walked in the door and she had me hooked by the very first song -whatever the hell it was.
(DJ Sammy Jo had better share it with me too!)

The thing that I really respect about Sveta is how she can carry on a conversation with 3 people in the booth AND flawlessly mix into another song and not stop talking.
Of course I can do that and now so can my DJ daughter Sammy Jo but Sveta is a GIRL!!!!
Yes, a GIRL!
And she's a hottie too!
Now wait a minute, Daddy! Women DJs abound in this world. Unfortunately, aside from Jackie Christie, who (literally!) set the turntables on fire at Mother, they seem ro be regulated to early slots, slide rooms and lounges in this male-dominated town. But elsewhere, it's a different story.
Chicago's DJ Heather, Montreal's Misstress Barbara, SF's Forrest Green, New York's DJ Shortee, Althea Loveless and who could forget DM, England's Marcia Carr, and that paver DJ Kinky, Toronto's Wasabi, Nicole, Ray Prasad, Denise Benson, Dubai's Monica, Dehli's DJ Kary, Newark's Neva, the list goes on...

There is even a docu-film out on some of these gals called "Spinster."

And I won't even mention that busty blonde DJ who threw midnight parties on top of the WTC until, well, you know... the dump fell down.

Doreen, I am surprised at you for not pointing this out. You should be forced to wear a DJ Boris camo T-shirt for the rest of your days!
Hey! You guys can't have her! She's ours and she's staying that way... I'm sure you have plenty of decent DJs (none as fucking awesome or as TOTALLY HOT as our Sveta) so keep your grubby mits off her! Razz
We love her and she's ours, all ours! Yay Sveta! So glad she's finally back! We've missed her.
PS You're right - her rack is fucking MAD! Wink
Does having a big rack make you a good DJ? Does it help? Does it really matter? I support (like most bras) any woman (or man--to quote Kramer on Seinfeld the men wear a bro) with any size rack! But there nothing like a big rack, so much more to play with, Am I right?! (This is so stereotypically male and sexist of me to even say that shit but it's a bit true!)
Hello all. In Oz the new SS album is being released on 16 Sept. The new single only just started getting radio airplay last week. It's fantastic. They did a a couple of shows over here last week and they were awesome. I absolutely adored Sammy Jo, he is something else! I wish he'd do some gigs over here in some of our clubs, his set is fab! Smile
Oh I'm so glad he likes it here! Hopefully he'll come back to treat us to his set (and I don't mean his tits, either)! Wink He's hot and all but he can't beat Sveta in that department unfortunately! I'm sure a friend of mine would think he's totally do-able, actually... If there's any way I can get in touch with him, I'd love to tell him how much I enjoyed his stuff. I really wanted to get a track listing from the gig at Luna Park (where we saw him), I want to buy the stuff he played. SAMMY, COME BACK!! WE LOVE YOU AND NEED YOU! Big Grin Oh and PS, get your own website too! Smile

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