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Evidently not. Maybe they aren't just
computer people.
Maybe all the years of loud music and dancefloor air have affected the legends' minds or something. It's quite possible that an airborne thingy situation is the reason they never visit these damn boards!

I know you're out there...i can hear your nebulizer.

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Yes we are currently on legend outreach - the wired legends are posting all over the motherboards and the unwired legends or ones who are newer to the technology are still "in the dark" about all this, or still cautious six weeks into the motherboards..

Also remember that we have many a lurker -our readers outnumber our posters twenty to one some days.

So pass the word along there BB, and remember
Everyone's not an early adopter
Hi Billy. Hi Chi Chi.

I feel doubly weird posting here because I've been away so long and because I'm new to this cyber nightlife thing. I've visited the site several times but I haven't written anything because I find it all so bewildering and confusing. There's so much that I don't understand. For example, How can I get a drink ticket? I'm beginning to think that it's not possible to get a drink ticket on this site. Can that be true? And even if I figure out where the drink tickets are I'm afraid I won't know how to get the drink. And even if I get the drink I'm afraid I won't know how to tip the bartender. There's no slot on my computer for the quarter to go in.
Rose... Oh Rose... ROSE... R O S E ! ! !
How do I get a cocktail around this joint? I'd like to buy Baby Dee a drink. So good to see you on board! We haven't had a good elf riding on a bicycle/harp since you left. You'd think there would be so many. Well, welcome to the Motherboards, good to have you back! I wish you were going to be here for FRINGE PRIDE. Lots of Faerie madness, we could use you.
Hi everybody.

How did I end up in Cleveland? It's much too long a story. I just woke up one morning in Gent and thought "I think I ought to go visit my Mom." (Hooray for Motherhood) and got on a plane the next day. Easy pie! Except as you can imagine I don't exactly travel light. I've got a concert harp, a high-rise trike, a huge organ (Don't anybody make fun!) costumes, props, and junk all gathering dust in the living room of a Belgian freakshow promoter. (probably a very disgruntled freakshow promoter by now)

That was almost two years ago and I'm still here.

Cleveland is awful but we've got a lovely garden with a big fence around it. I've been writing songs and recording a lot. There's no way I'm going to waste my time performing here. My God! They still call drag queens female impersonators in Cleveland. And what do they call trannies? Female impersonators of course (when they're being polite.)

I've got an album that just came out on the same label as Antony's. God bless Antony! He made a beautiful website for it.

Be warned. The album is a bit weepy. But hey! Some of us can't get enough of that sort of thing.

Love to all,

Go to Baby Dee's NEW YORK CITY GIRL page for details on the album and website. She's too modest to tell you that but I'm not.
The website is gorgeous! Antony did a great job. It's a bit hard to navigate but then so are Baby Dee and Antony! It's going to be a website of the week soon. I haven't heard the CD yet but I'm sure it amazing (It better be... it took long enough) Congratulations! First Kiki and Herb win an OBIE now this!
well i received the cd's from london yesterday.
i wish i buy one for everyone i know!
it's so beautiful! i can't put it into words but the music really moved me. i listened to it this morning and the first sound was birds cherping. SO MAJOR!
antony told me they will be available in new york soon so i'll post the info when i find out.
How are you all I been reading some of the things on the site and I have to say that you guys have outdone yourselves agin. You have found a way for all of us to keep in touch no matter were we are, and that is so FUCKIN COOL, we get the inside scoop on all the good gossip. Hey I like a good read, we get to keep up with each other careers. So we are the first to know when that first BIG check comes, HA ,HA, HA ,HA. No this is assume, I hope you guys like my stuff and if you don't well read my intro. HA HA. Well off to read some more. Let's see what other kinds of trouble I can get myself into (just being me i am sure you all uderstand). It's no fun unless I piss someone off, Except for CHI CHI, plus I am sure CHI CHI will let me know if i do. LATER BOYS&GIRLS&ALLinBETWEEN.

Lordy! Lord! Lock up ya daughters (and sons, and son/daughters and daughter/sons and dog, cats, donkeys,hamsters,ferrets et al) the master himself in live and direct on the Boards. MR Flow... if i may be so bold as to welcome you to the virtual sodomy of it all... I loved the avatar ...and your profile.. so eloquently written... looking forward to your cheecky tinker.

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